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The four Clans, normally hostile to each other, are forced to work together in order to find a new home. Other themes that have been pointed out deal with family, loss, honor, bravery, death, loyalty, and following rules.

Holmes has said that one of the good things about writing a book about cats is that "we can tackle difficult human issues such as death, racial intolerance, and religious intolerance [without seeming so heavy]. All of the Warriors books except for the manga excluding A Shadow in RiverClan have been published as hardcovers, and the majority of them have also been published as paperbacks.

StarlightTwilightand Sunset from The New Prophecyas well as the first four Omen of the Stars books, are available in an audiobook format. A reviewer for AudioFile wrote: "Nanette Savard brings out the youth of the cats who are struggling to help their clan survive and to protect each other from outside danger.

The books in the four main series have also been released in an e-book format. The defunct Warriors website featured Warriors screensavers[99] along with videos on the process of writing a manga book and a video promoting The Last Hope. Whether it was a role-playing game is unknown. Erin Hunter stated on the official Warriors website that there was no plan for an official video game, but if there was, it would probably be based on a movie version of the Warriors series, which was at the time not under consideration.

On 20 OctoberVictoria Holmes announced that Alibaba Pictures had bought the production rights for a film adaptation with David Heyman as producer, and a movie poster was released. It was also announced that screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger would write the screenplay for the movie.

No director or release date has yet been announced for the film, and no information has been released since. In it, the spirit of former ThunderClan medicine cat Spottedleaf discusses her love for Firestar.

On 20 Januaryanother short story, "The Clans Decide," was released on the Warriors Ultimate Leader Election site, starring Firestar, who won an election through an online fan vote conducted in recognition of President Obama's Inauguration Day. In the story, the four Clans vote for a way to survive a tough winter. Every cat at the meeting votes on whether or not the Clans should work together to survive the winter. The cats vote in favour of working together.

Taking place after Bluestar's selection of Fireheart for deputy, it is about the elder Halftail, who is unhappy with the decision, and wakes the other elders to discuss it with them. The script was released to the public on the old official site for the Warriors series. During a fundraising event in Russellville, ArkansasBrightspirit's Mercy was performed by various high school drama students.

After going to a Gathering, where it is obvious all of the Clans except for ThunderClan are starving, three cats from StarClan appear to them: Brightspirit and her parents, Shiningheart and Braveheart, characters created on Wands and Worldsa fantasy fiction forum, in memory of a year-old Warriors fan, Emmy Grace Cherry, and her parents, Dana and Jimmy Cherry, all three of whom were killed in a tornado in February Jaypaw is easily convinced, but Hollyleaf and Lionblaze are harder to win over.

Eventually, they agree and hunt, then wait at the WindClan border for a patrol. Ashfoot, WindClan's deputy, accepts the gift, but Breezepaw, too proud to have help from another Clan, refuses to eat it. Jaypaw, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf then head towards another Clan's territory. In the Chinese translation of the series, "3-D trading cards" are packaged in each book. The 3-D effect is produced using stereoscopic lenticular printing.

These cards feature pictures of the cats on the centre of the book cover and their Chinese and English Warriors (End), and biographical information on the back. Inwhen the official Warriors Hub app was released, several pieces of official, licensed merchandise were released as well. This included Clan-themed posters, pins, bracelets, bookmarks, stationary, figurines, necklaces, bags, and shirts.

Small plush heads of Jayfeather, Tigerstar, and Bluestar have been released, as well as full-size plushes of Firestar, Graystripe, and Jayfeather. It contained information about the books in the series, Warriors (End), profiles of the Clans and major characters including app-exclusive information such as the name of Firestar's motheran interactive timeline and maps, two application-exclusive short stories, a trivia game, and a list of all the Warriors books that had been released at that point.

The app was eventually removed from the app store. Inan updated Warriors app was released, through which one could access blogs and analysis written by the editors of the series, shop for merchandise, browse fanart, and vote in polls, some of which affect the plot of the Warriors series.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Series of juvenile fantasy novels. Wayne McLoughlin Owen Richardson. See also: List of Warriors characters. Main article: Warriors arc. Main article: Warriors: The New Prophecy. Main article: Warriors: Power of Three. Main article: Warriors: Omen of the Stars.

Harper Collins Publishers. Retrieved 5 December Archived from the original on 1 December Retrieved 24 July Wands and Worlds. Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 2 March Writers Unboxed. Retrieved 2 August Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 4 February Retrieved 23 July Retrieved 16 July Wands And Worlds.

Archived from the original on 1 October Retrieved 12 September Archived from the original on 11 January Retrieved 1 November The first Warriors series is finally to get its own name with its relaunch next year: "The Prophecies Begin". Retrieved 11 July Archived from the original on 21 October Retrieved 1 August Archived from the original on 5 July Retrieved 8 August Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 21 September Retrieved 30 January Retrieved 10 August Archived from the original on 20 October Retrieved 30 May Firestar's Quest.

Retrieved 12 August Retrieved 10 September Warriors: The Apprentice's Quest. Retrieved 13 February Retrieved 28 June Retrieved 2 Warriors (End) Publishers Weekly. Retrieved 23 April Upcoming Graphic Novel Warrior Cats".

Retrieved 20 September Into the Wild ". Retrieved 21 August In this first spine-tingling episode in the planned Warriors series [ American Library Association. Archived from the original on 9 July Retrieved 20 August In the first exciting installment of the Warriors fantasy series [ School Library Journal. The author has created an intriguing world with an intricate structure and mythology, and an engaging young hero. Del 1 March Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books.

The author's attempt to create a hierarchical warrior-clan society falls a bit short: neither the imagined world nor the characters within it are consistent or compelling. Characterization is limited essentially to each individual's function within the clan, and the cast therefore remains cartoon cats engaged in territory marking [ Brief article Children's review Book review ".

Though Golden State faces a talent deficit most nights, it has often shown the grit that head coach Steve Kerr desires. Friday was no exception.

With Moments later, after forcing Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday into a missed jumper, Golden State sealed the win at the foul line. It was really good to see us close the game down the stretch. This could have been a new nadir for a team growing accustomed to letdowns. Its head coach, former Warriors assistant Alvin Gentry, is reportedly on the verge of getting fired.

On Wednesday, the Warriors delivered one of their most impressive performances of the season, only to fall by double digits in Portland. What'll you do if those things popped out? Katara: "I heard from my grandma long ago that if you talk about bad stuff, it'll come true Carrie: "Ugh This sound, not just animals, but I hear the thumping of large footsteps! Atnates: "So those are the aforementioned Frost Giants? Also, cute snowmen have joined in? Palace: "This isn't the time to be happy!

This frozen ground's going to make things difficult for us Mehlis: "On the other hand, for the monsters that Warriors (End) here, they're at an advantage if they come at us sliding on the ice.

Anna: "Prince, watch out for any unexpected movements from the monsters! Please prepare for engagement! Katara: "There! Secured the 'Power of Destruction'! Shadia: "Kuh The effects of its power has grown one step greater Katara: "Though I haven't rehearsed for it, I should be able to control it properly with my art. Valerie: " Indeed, the magical waves has eased. There was a clan that has been passing down this sort of art. The only one left who knows this art should just be me. Palace: " Doesn't it get lonely living deep in isolation?

Katara: " Well, a little. But this is an important task to protect the world. From now on, you have allies. So wanna join us in the Kingdom after we secure the 'Power of Destruction' and fortify a safeguard for them?

T, true. Well, I'll think it over. She Warriors (End) happy. Mehlis: Oh, but if you point that out to her, I bet she'll get as mad as an angry, chirping bird. Let's keep our observations to ourselves, OK? Katara: "I heard that! Well, next is the hiding place of the final 'Power of Destruction'! Please make sure you're prepared for it! Imperial Soldier: "——Governor General! Maou's Army has already infiltrated the city and is breaking through each of our battle lines!

Governor General: "Can't be helped. We must do whatever it takes to protect the area around this building where the people have been evacuated, even if it means our deaths. Governor General: "Please withdraw the soldiers from each of the battle lines!

Reinforcements are surely coming! This was merely meant to be a reconnaissance party, but these humans sure are weak and squishy, aren't they—? We need to pay our respect to these brave souls who are about to perish in the destruction of the physical realm. A—ah, how boring. Kuro-chan too, should've went as an infiltrator rather than a scout—. He's our superior. However, there's a thing called a tide that should be read when it comes to battle.

It's important to know our enemy so as to not let any opportunities escape. Onee-chan, do you see something coming our way? Could it be the Kingdom's army? Since when were they this deep in the Imperial frontier!? White Emperor: "——Prince, are you ready? Anna: "The joint exercises have borne fruit. We were able to come this far on the Imperial airship. Leona: "This situation is one we, the Empire, should deal with ourselves.

Sorry for getting you involved. Katie: "No, we're going to be fighting together for the sake of overcoming Maou after this.

Let's call this a prelude to that. Anna: "Katie's right. Prince, the monsters have already infiltrated the city. Please give your orders with care!

The Empire and Kingdom have raised their skills this much? I wanna play with that Prince! Can I fight! Can I? Withdraw the soldiers at once. This is after all a reconnaissance party.

I cannot lose the foot soldiers or you. Stingy, stingy! You're becoming totally like Kuro-chan—! Come, let's hurry. Maou's army is starting to retreat.

The monsters that are lurking in the city are currently being cleaned out by the soldiers. Governor General: " My deepest gratitude for coming to protect the city.

Governor General: "However, Your Highness, due to my lack of virtue, the city has sustained heavy damage Imperial Soldier: "Y, you mustn't. The Governor General was standing at the forefront to protect the citizens herself! Your Highness, Emperor, please be generous in your mercy!! Governor General: "Y, you fool! I alone am enough to take the blame!

White Emperor: " You are misunderstanding something. You fought to protect the people, that is enough. Governor General: "Y, Your Highness!! White Emperor: "However, it's a fact your abilities were lacking. Apply yourself henceforth. It seems things have calmed down a little. Prince, that was good work subduing the monsters! Decius: "——Heios, so our homeland has really been restored.

Heios: "That's what we promised when we parted ways. Our homeland that was destroyed by Keraunos, Decius, though you chose the path of vengeance——". Heios: "——I decided I would brandish my blade for the sake of protecting people, the cities, with this dark power. Decius: "So you did These forts, ahh, even these streets lying before me, all of these are from when I was a human long ago Heios: "The Knighthood is also back, they're now in the middle of a joint exercise with the Kingdom.

We won't let this city be destroyed a second time. Heios: "Decius, your returning here, is it to once again fight in this city as a knight that protects the people alongside us? Decius: " Heios, my coming here is to persuade you to join Maou's Army.

Heios: "Wha Have you forgotten the time our city was destroyed, Decius!? You intend to erase this city from the land a second time!?

Decius: "No! I'm not! Back when he was being controlled by Keraunos long ago, Maou-sama was planning to destroy the physical world. Heios: "Even so, what are you saying!? That the people are going to live in the miasma of Makai!? Decius: "Kuh I'm trying Heios: " Decius, you abandoned this city once. We don't live in a world where we can have everything we want, you know? Wanting everything, when grindstones come into blossom Decius: "You always said that and pretended to understand how things work.

It's because of you I was always a coward! Decius: "However! I'll stand my ground today! I don't care if I'm naive or a coward! I'm making you join Maou's army by force if I have to!! Anna: "——Heios-san, what's the commotion? Eh, Decius!? Why're you here!? Heios: "I'll explain later. Kingdom's Parliamentary Secretary. Now we have to repel Decius's forces! Prince, let us also join the battle line.

Heios: "Your Majesty, Prince, because I released the dark power, my body's sustaining injuries; however, please do not be alarmed. Heios: "Each time I receive an attack, the dark power dwelling in my body should heal nearby allies. Heios: "If I am to endure a powerful attack from the enemy, then please give me the order.

I shall spin a blessing of protection to defend everyone. Is that discussion over? Then here I come, old friend, and Prince!! Decius: "Kuuuh In the end, I couldn't win against you even once When you were human, it was always a draw. Decius, is fighting alongside us no longer possible? Decius: "So long-winded!

I scattered so many lives for the sake of my revenge. I cannot return to the path of light now! I feel no regret for the physical realm. The path I walk is only the path of battle! Decius is starting to withdraw. Heios-san, are you sure about this? That guy doesn't listen to a thing anyone says.

He has few friends and quickly chooses the coward's way, but even so, he's an earnest man for the sake of his goals. Heios: "On to more important matters! Let's continue the joint exercise! While my city doesn't have much to offer, we will cooperate in the battle against Maou's Army!

Anna: "I, see. Well then, let us resume the exercise. Katara: "——This solitary island is where the 'Power of Destruction' is being hidden. Minerva: "So there was this kind of island in this area of the sea.

Duo, did you know of it? Duo: "Well, I also didn't know. Rather, these seas couldn't be entered with any half-baked ship. Katara: "Fufu, naturally. In order to hide the 'Power of Destruction', my ancestors did it under a pile of curses. Duo: "I see So a double whammy of current and hexes were blocking any approach to this island. Floga: "——Uugh H, huh? This sensation Ibuki: "Floga? What's wrong?

Floga: "Different from the 'Power of Destruction', I feel another magical disturbance This sensation is the same as when Atnates-san Atnates: " Heeh, so a tear in space between Makai and the physical realm is forming? Floga: "Not just one or two of them. All over this island, tears are forming! There's going to be more and more of them before long!

Atnates: "Heeh Then it seems a first strike on our Warriors (End) is in order. We have a lead on where they'll be coming from. Atnates: "Prince, monsters are coming from the tears in space. Let's strike them down without a single one remaining!

Sep 04,  · Barbados Tridents defense of their Caribbean Premier League title came to a crushing end as Guyana Amazon Warriors handed them a six-wicket defeat at . Sep 04,  · Warriors end Tridents title defence (CPL T20) The Barbados Tridents’ stuttering defence of their Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) title finally ended as they again failed to make three figures. Sep 04,  · The first book was published in and by November , all six books in the first series were available for purchase. The second series was finished by the end of ; Warriors: Power of Three was complete in spring ; Warriors: Omens of the Stars wrapped up in ; Warriors: Dawn of the Clans ended in ; Warriors: A Vision of Shadows finished up in ; and as of , Warriors. The NBA approved a competitive format to resume the season with 22 teams returning to play in Orlando. The Golden State Warriors are among the eight teams that are not participating in . Warriors, minus Durant, end Rockets' 9-game streak, Klay Thompson scored 30 points, DeMarcus Cousins had a season-high 27 and the Golden State Warriors snapped Houston's nine-game winning. Aug 18,  · Warriors prop Lachlan Burr has revealed he’s leaving the club at the end of the season after not being offered a new contract. The year-old, who joined the Warriors last year has played 31 games. Warriors, minus Durant, end Rockets' 9-game streak, Klay Thompson scored 30 points, DeMarcus Cousins had a season-high 27 and the Golden State Warriors . Sep 04,  · Warriors end Tridents title defence (CPL T20) The Barbados Tridents’ stuttering defence of their Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) title finally ended as they again failed to make three figures. Early boundaries from Chandrapaul Hemraj meant Shimron Hetmyer and Ross Taylor could take the team home in cruise control, and the Amazon Warriors ended the league stage on a roll with four wins from four. Romario Shepherd put paid to a . Jun 20,  · Warriors end Kearney's tenure after heavy defeat Author Dan Walsh rifilrocheckcenpo.stosinatflirridekefedtethenesspo.co Reporter Timestamp Sat 20 Jun , PM Share on social media. Share via Facebook; Share via Twitter.


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  1. Warrior's End () Photos. Do you have any images for this title? Cast. On 14 October at "The Battle of Hastings," William the Bastard Duke of Normandy overcame personal demons and Storyline. The film Warrior's End is a story of a young prince who has to come to terms with his destiny /10(28).
  2. The NBA approved a competitive format to resume the season with 22 teams returning to play in Orlando. The Golden State Warriors are among the eight teams that are not participating in .
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    The Warriors haven't even formed a draft board yet, according to The Athletic's Anthony Slater. So, yes, this should all be placed under the "consider" umbrella. So, yes, this should all .
  4. Apr 05,  · Created by Jonathan Tropper. With Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng, Jason Tobin, Dianne Doan. Set during the Tong Wars in the late s, Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy originating from China to San Francisco, ends up becoming a hatchet man for the most powerful tong in Chinatown.
  5. Warriors is a series of novels based on the adventures and drama of several Clans of wild cats. The series is primarily set in the fictional location of .
  6. Aug 21,  · Warriors face dilemma after landing No. 2 pick: Prioritize end of one dynasty, or potential start of another? As usual, the Warriors have good problemsAuthor: Brad Botkin.
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    Aug 18,  · Warriors prop Lachlan Burr has revealed he’s leaving the club at the end of the season after not being offered a new contract. The year-old, who joined the Warriors last year has played 31 games.
  8. Early boundaries from Chandrapaul Hemraj meant Shimron Hetmyer and Ross Taylor could take the team home in cruise control, and the Amazon Warriors ended the league stage on a roll with four wins from four. Romario Shepherd put paid to a .

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