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{PARAGRAPH}Ji buvo skani. It was tasty. Buvo skanu. It was very warm and wet. I am boiling vegetables on the stove. Thank you for reading. I helped out my co-workers a lot. I will get a big paycheck. I cooked a dozen scrambled eggs in a skillet. I put them into three little containers. Food is kept in boxes. I put them into the freezer. I made a list of things to buy. Now I am at my computer. Later I will go to the library. Earlier I was still sleeping. I never smoke. I always eat breakfast. I rarely eat steak. Soon I will go to a small lake. Today I will go to work. Tomorrow I will also go to work. Yesterday I went to church. Be that as it may, still did not understand the last part of the sentence. I did not understand the last part of the sentence. Very good article, I completely agree with your conclusion. I completely agree I agree I do not know I disagree I strongly disagree I completely agree with your conclusion. Yesterday I went to Kaunas. We ate pancakes. See you later, I said. English language. Don't mention it. Jai galvos skausmas. Mano taip pat. I'm going to work. Ema came to school feeling bad. Her head hurt and she had a runny nose. She has a headache. She has a cold. Soon Indre also felt bad. No, but mama said that I have to go to school. Me too. But I am not sneezing. Do you know that you should cover your mouth when you sneeze? Come faster, Ema, I'm hungry! Palauk, nusiplausiu rankas ir Wait, I wash my hands and we eisime. Oh, forget about your hands. I never wash my hands. Gera mintis. Ant lentynos yra arbata ir kava. Man reikia eiti apsipirkti maisto. Tu nori arbatos? Oh how my head hurts, I feel that and cough immediately I begin. Maybe at home you have some antibiotics, you could Good thinking. It seems remaining antibiotics since the immediately, when sister drank them ill ear infection. Running Mantas fell and bruised leg. I have 5 chairs, two tables and a light. My bookshelf needs more books. We are standing next to the stove, waiting for the water to boil. I love to cook soup and pies. The refrigerator is empty. I need to go shopping for food. I will wash the dishes. But frankly, I do not know that the air temperature really drops or cold. Taip, reikia kilmininko, Yes, need genitive. For example, to become tea. But to become a cup of tea. Thank you for the corrections. He goes to the river. The water is very warm. Leisk mums eiti namo. Let us go home. Eikime namo! Let's go home. After a really big earthquake in I started to feel that the book is more secure than a smartphone, since then a number of my acquaintances smartphone broke down and they lost all of their information. Someone could call your parents, because he does not memorize their phone The smartphone is very useful. But every year I transcribes into next year phonebook address and phone number. If a power outage, I use the book. During the news it is reported that late autumn is warm, even a ski resort and there is no snow this winter will also be warm. I'm very happy to have a warm winter to come, because I do not like the cold. On the other hand, a little worried about this strange weather. Every night he ran to me and meows by the bed until I stretch out my hand to him. When they were kittens, many of my cats loved to lie to lean his head in my hand. Today I bought a book about drawing watercolor because I want to learn it. These days I'm watching the beautiful watercolors Pinterest, especially food How cool would complement his blog these sketches! In the morning, I heard over the Internet bad news in I was very shocked by the I heard that killed more than people, and my lack of words. Let rest in peace. Is well parrots reasonable? Bus toliau. Kaip sugalvojai jos mokytis? Budgie, korrelos, Rozelle, unseparated a long time ago successfully grown city apartments. And already from them, they fall to the market to be sold. And large parrots are also great grow captivity. What parrots need for happiness? Cell-site, which is a real shelter from drafts, more light, feed, fresh fruit and greens, fresh water, chalk, sand. And certainly, free pasture to be within the range, although at times. And your attentiveness. The most talkative by nature a cockatoo, it needs special attention: playing, talking. In practice not required "communication", "Rozelle" and ringed parrots; others have their own individual needs, "communicate", independent of type and gender. Well so much, thank you for your attention. Will continue. Very good write! How long will you learn Lithuanian language? How conceived the study? It is optional, but it's more common and better stylistically. Jo vardas yra "Hund". His name is "Hund". Why don't you like my dog? Isn't he a good dog? That's not a good name for a dog. Be to, labai malonu skaityti tokius ramius ir jaukius tekstus. These days I'm a little reckless. In the future I will be more careful. Still can say "write keyboard". I also last week in thumb cut. I agree, that it cool. Today and tomorrow Today was a very long day and a lot of events happening. Unfortunately, today for me was not a good day, but tomorrow will be a better day. Tonight I will take a long bath, drink the pharmacy chamomile tea and relax. Kur Petras dirbo? When did Petras want to write a letter? He wanted to write it yesterday, but couldn't, because he had a lot of work. The day was beautiful. Where did Petras work? He worked outdoors, because the day was beautiful, it wasn't possible to see any clouds. It wasn't possible to see any clouds. The day was beautiful and The day was beautiful and sunny. What did he do? He planted a tree and dug the earth, Minčių Laivai - Various - Sveika. Kur jis buvo vakare? Where was he in the evening. He was at the theater and watched a drama. Kas jam ten patiko? What did he like there? He liked the new drama, Minčių Laivai - Various - Sveika. What does his brother like? He also likes the drama. Koks dabar oras? How is the weather now? Very warm. How is our river? It sounds a bit odd to say "our river", but it's correct grammatically. Ji yra gili. It is deep. Hence you can swim in it. Hence you can swim around in it. Petras went for a walk? The night was warm and nice. Kokia buvo naktis? Also you can replace the noun "naktis" into the pronoun "ji". I want to learn Lithuanian language. Bet kaip? But how? I'm always ready to help. You can skip the pronoun because the verb already makes it clear. I like doing pretty much anything. I'm usually sitting around playing games with friends or sitting on my computer browsing the interwebs. I equally like being outdoors and indoors and I'm always up for random adventures. What is in the head of the following 11 people, when they wore these idiotic bikinis? What is in my self head? What is in your head? What is in his self head? What is in our heads? What is in your heads? What is in their heads? Arba ne. I do not know whether it is easy to create sentences with items such as the participants and their cousins in Lithuanian language? I'm still so far plagued with them. Before getting to Ruth waited impatiently for the news monthly. Understand days ago that it was sending for her brother, she was looking at sending a very long time. Before that my friends sent on a mission, he been working as a journalist in Kaunas during the seven years. It can be "too" thrown out. Before sending my friends to a new mission, he Kaunas been working as a journalist for seven years. You've just married an amazingly attractive man. You share a culture and a love of the outdoors. You love just walking, hand in hand, talking. Or not. But just being together. We leave the garage. You are coming home. I am coming home. I am reading a book. I read a book. And what we will be doing? Tai tik praktika. Because if you wanna teach somebody else start doing yourself and show them examples what is better for us and our lovely Earth. Lithanian language grammar practice A small note: these sentences are my attempt to use 'cases' in Lithuanian. They don't mean anything. They're only to practice with. Vilnius is Lithuania's capital. I can see Vilnius! Vilnius's main street is very long. I didn't know that! I have a friend female who is from Kaunas. Vilnius more. At this point, learning two languages. Galvoju, kad gal man patinka skausmas. Man patinka mokintis kalbas. I'm thinking that maybe I like pain or something. Otherwise why I would like to work as hard? Sorry, that all signatures are sad! I like to learn language. One more thing One more thing, does someone know how to change the keyboard from the Lithuanian language writing? I've thought for myself, that it's not a big deal to leave a lecture earlier. Paplaukiok su banglente. Swimming with the waves. Thanks for reading. As she thought, so she did. She brought in a shoe to the workshop there showed it to the masters. The woman agreed, paid for the work and atsveikinusi? The morning air is very cold, while in bed, and cats who sleep on my bed very warm and good. Every morning, I think I want to sleep like a bear hibernating in a warm cozy room. Spare time, I was playing tennis and reading books. Let's take, for example, the subject of clothes. I love these shirts. Jis visada vilki futbolininko 2. He always wears sports shirt. Trousers is feminine gender. Lithuanian language? Bandau, bet ar pakankamai? I try, but is it enough. Stengiuosi, bet ar pakankamai? I think verb stengtis is more suitable in this context. There are still very basic words. I'd omit "vis dar", it just sounds a bit clumsy. But it's not a mistake to use it, though. But again, it's not a mistake. Pasiekti to reach, to reach a certain level I found an interesting book. I'm studying new dictionaries. When I left work, there was fog and light rain. I worked almost thirteen hours today. I was careful when I was driving home. On Sunday I might go to another city. I heard someone say that the weather will be mild on 6. For lunch I am going to eat a carrot and a burrito. That estate agency is going to close its doors due to the crisis. The owners are going to complain about the excessive noice from the street. Have you signed up for the electricity and the water? Jis gyvena labai erdviame bute. Thanks for the help. Where do we live? Mes gyvename dideliame We live in a big city. Where do you live? You live in an old city. How is called your city? Jis vadinasi Vilniumi It is called Vilnius. Jis because "city" is masculine. Vilniumi because question is "HOW is it called". What is Lithuania's capital? Vilnius is its capital. Are the city streets old? Where am I going? By bus. Where is the university? Jis yra miesto centre. It is at the town center. What do I like? Man patinka autobusas ir I like the bus and the university. Kur jis pasuko? Grammatically correct, but it just doesn't make much sense. I am going around within the city. I am travelling around within the city. Kur Yes, "kur" can be used for both locations and directions. No we don't have a separate word for "where to". Quickly frostbitten And then immediately became cold outside. I dressed warmly keep in my coming out heat. In addition, Rodos, visible from afar, and the gloomy houses as well as cold and wet. One gets the impression that the humidity still waiting to add more moisture to the air. I really didn't understand what you wanted to say with this sentence. Blowing wind, the wet cold just took me over Celestial color Today was a very beautiful day and the sky did not see any clouds. However, I felt that winter will come soon because the color of the sky was very dark blue. In fact, this winter I want snow. I do not live in the snowy countryside, and I am crazy about snow. Thanks for the corrections! I visited my parents for Thanksgiving. We ate turkey for dinner. For breakfast, we ate eggs, grits, peppers, cheese, and sausage casserole. I don't know exactly "a casserole" translates, but I guess that it is "apkepas" bake, pudding. In English, a casserole is a dish cooked in a large pot or pan. Kaip atskiras pastatas esantis netoliese jo. In English, a casserole is food cooked in a large pot or pan. I bought a winter coat from a store in the mall. How separate building situated nearby it. Yesterday it rained the entire day. I don't know what happened. You may use "mano" for answering the question "what is it? Otherwise you may use "savo" if the following noun is not in nominative. For example: What is this? My garden mano sodas. Where are you? In my garden "savo sode". Might be, that this doesn't work all the time, but in most cases this should be correct. If I think of a better explanation, I'll write My garden mano sodas Where are you? I did my homework. I was doing my homework. Kokios tavo mintys? What are your thoughts? What do you think? Sounds more casual. I will get tired and I will stop learning. Notice the endings. By what are you arriving? Both sentences are correct. By the way, nice help Italian language learners Lithuanians. Your Lithuanian language, compared with other foreigners, is really good. Hopefully, that perhaps Lithuanian, which you help to learn Lithuanian. Good luck and don't stop practicing. Although my Lithuanian isn't good enough as of now, I hope that in the near future I will be able to speak better in Lithuanian. I want to improve because I have a lot of friends that I would like to speak with. The word "nes" in this sentence is used correctly and it is OK to use it like this, but it is more logical to use the word "kadangi" in this case. The word "nes" is usually used in casual conversations, when using very short sentences. The word "kadangi" has the same meaning as the word "nes". Because I have lots of friends. There are cases when you can use the word "daug" at the end of the sentence. Usually the word "daug" comes before a verb or if it is the last word in a sentence it comes after an adjective. Sometimes it is not necessary, but if you add it you will always be correct. Mano automobilis sugedo My car had a breakdown. I raked some leaves in the back yard. This year it has not snowed yet. There are two boys at church. They are both from Russia. They were adopted from an orphanage. The athlete has won the race. The Spanish athlete won the metres event. The athlete has knocked the bar down in the pole vault event. A horse was injured during the equestrain event. One of the competitors lost his foil during the fencing event. The synchronized swimming team put on a spectacular demonstration. The word "laiku" here completely unsuitable. I spent the night at a cheap hotel. Today I ate the last two pieces of chicken that were in the freezer. This morning, I will send a birthday card to my sister. The weather forecast predicts that the weekend will be very cold. I bought a few new shirts. They didn't cost a lot, but they are very good. This article written about my plans for the future. Currently, I am still a student but my learning ends December month, if everything will come according to my plan. Currently, I am still a student. After that, I would like to move abroad but still have not decided in which country, from opportunities Finland and the Netherlands, more I do not need to learn a new language if I would have moved to Finland. After that, I would like to move abroad but still have not decided in which country, from opportunities Finland and the Netherlands, more I do not need to learn a new language if I would have moved or just move? After that, I would like to move abroad but still have not decided in which country. From possible Finland and the Netherlands, more I do not need to learn a new language if I would have moved to Finland. Tai - mano didysis noras. This my great desire. So I'm going to be able to combine work with my passion for travel. Those forms can be: genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental or ablative and locative. Accusative I will take my dog to travel Ablative I can do anything I want with my dog Locative I see joy in my dogs eyes I have a headache. You have a toothache. She has a stomachache. He has a sore throat. We hurt our foot. You hurt your arm. They hurt their hand. They hurt their nose. I hurt your eye. You hurt my mouth. She hurt her leg. We injure our ear. You injure your thumb. I hurt their wrist. You hurt your cheek. They injured my scrotum. You injured your elbow. I hurt your knee. You hurt your ankle. She hurt his neck. There was a problem with a machine. I didn't discover it until the end of the day. I posted a picture of a sunrise on Facebook. I took the picture during my trip last weekend. I took it during my trip last weekend. A lot of people liked it. The sky starts to glow an hour before the sun rises. The sky glows an hour before the sun rises. I am eating carrots, black rice and a burrito for dinner. At the doctor This morning Ruth woke up with a sick head. After drinking a glass of warm milk with honey, she goes to the doctor. As always, going to the doctor, this time she takes to read a book when not boring to sit in the queue doctor's waiting room. So, at least so it's wise to use the moment to save time. Minčių Laivai - Various - Sveika the other people waiting in the wings doctor's waiting room usually read magazines. How to put pictures? How to put photographs? I have no idea. Spring thoughts For a long time For a long time it was time to write something new in my journal. How to put photograph? I really didn't understand what you wanted to say. I have no idea what you wanted to say. Last night I slept well. The night before last night, I didn't sleep well. Kas nors atsitiktinio Or you can also say "Anything" which is "Bet kas. I was thinking for some time, but I don't really remember when was the last time i heard a phrase containing the word "kilbinu". It is only used in spoken language, because it is incorrect in written language correct is "kalbinu". Have you talked to her yet? I ate half the turkey. I will eat the rest of it Kalakutiena buvo per sausa. The turkey was too dry. When describing a feminine word, the main rule to remember is to never add an 's' because that makes the adjective. It was as tough as shoe leather. Again, talking about a feminine object. Knygynas Knygynas is masculine an 'as' ending is pretty much always masculine. In this sentence, you gave it a feminine ending, which is incorrect. Mano namo draugai yra Judita, Svetlana ir Laurynas. This morning, she read in the newspaper that a club will be open free Scottish dance courses. And tonight she goes to a club that writing down the course, which lasts 12 weeks. Usually telling story we use past tense. I don't know my neighbours. My house mates Minčių Laivai - Various - Sveika Laurynas is from Mazaiki, and is currently in southern He likes talking with people about God and life. Juditia works with university students. She likes and games and cooking. She likes sleeping in in the morning. Nepaisant fakto. This jelly looks like lunch island. Would you notice famous people playing in the streets? Or a gorilla? Probably you are surprised of that silly question, but we'll surprise you even more for more stupid discoveries. The famous violinist Josh Bell, who is known worldwide, wanted to see, how many people would stop to listen to him, so he pretended to be an ordinary "street-musician", playing in the Washington's metro. That day he earned measly 32 dollars. A poster with information about a lost child and his photo was hanged on a department store's door. But all of these people had one common feature they didn't pay absolutely any attention, that the boy in the poster was standing in front of the department store. The scientists revealed. Gavau naujus akinius. Now I'm in my third year at the university I am sorting through my CDs. I will sell some of them to the bookstore. I got a new pair of glasses. I saw a deer when I was crossing the railroad tracks. I was surprised. Church is an hour earlier than usual today. I will only be playing two songs. I liked going to the big lake last week. It is the largest inland lake in the state of Ohio. There wasn't a lot to do. It was good just to take a trip somewhere else. I have a lot of good memories from when I lived in Sandusky. I bought several gift cards yesterday. I am going to send the gift cards to my sister and her family. I got a Christmas card from my friend. I also got one from my aunt. Now I am going to get dressed. I will leave on time so that I am not late for church. Nesu universiteto studentas. Last week I skipped church. I was in another city and I could not come back in time. I'm an American man who wants to practice Lithuanian language. I'm an American man who wants to practice speaking Lithuanian. I am not a university student. I forty-four years old. I speak French and English. I understand a little Lithuanian, but I do not speak it. I studied psychology, but I'm not a psychologist. I live and work in Columbus. Columbus is a small but beautiful city. I love to go to Kelleys Island. I hear the light rain on the roof. I did a little exercise yesterday afternoon at the gym. I'm going to send gift cards to my sister and her family. Man devyneri metai. Are civilization and society actually developed? In the present age, some states may not do their best in the stop of war, and may be doing their best only for strengthening of murder capability. Human beings aren't ageless. But, medicine is progressing in the direction which produces an ageless living thing. Mums reikia kreidos. Vienas yra jaunas vyras ir viena jauna moteris. One has already started working. We need chalk. You eat breakfast. She eats breakfast. We eat breakfast. I don't work overtime anymore. The company hired two new employees on the morning One is a young man and one is a young woman. The company also hired two new employees on the night shift. Like on the morning shift, one is a man and the other is a woman. If you mean a woman started working, then it's ok. If in general one of them started, then it's more natural to use masculine form. The other will start next week. Moteris turi ugninius plaukus. The woman has red hair. She doesn't wear earrings. Kas man nutiko? One day I went on a family trip in my father's car. While travelling on the free way, suddenly I felt sad and began crying. My family was surprised and we stopped for a rest. Then my grandfather patted my back for a long time. What happened to me? This experience triggered a spiritual experience in my life. The women of Lithuania are beauties. Yes, they are beauties! Just in Lithuania asians very few, people are not at them accustomed, but I don't know, that they discriminatory. Today we were very busy at work. There were a lot of problems. We solved most of them. It is Christmas Eve tonight. Tai yra vulgari ir juokinga This is vulgar and humorous tradicija. Mano vardas Kohei. My name is Kohei. Lithuanian language. Leaf chopping aromatic extracts essential oils. Tokie arbatos pakaitalai presuojami briketais. Tea substitute — drink from the dried leaves of various plants cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, lime blossom, chamomile, raspberry, rowan, etc. Tea substitutes made from plant leaves with the same technological scheme, as well as natural tea, that is cured, fermented, rolled and dried. The only difference is that substitutes do not have tea Minčių Laivai - Various - Sveika alkaloids, but also has therapeutic properties. Mixed fruit tea substitutes are made from cleaned, roasted and chopped fruit and berries, starch syrup, and fruit essences. Such tea substitutes pressed briquettes. Tea substitutes kept in dry conditions, similar to tea. Tai aitrus tamsiai rudos spalvos sirupas su citrinos prieskoniu ir silpnu arbatos aromatu. The extract is added sugar and lemon oil. This pungent dark brown syrup with lemon flavor and mild aroma of tea. Tea fungus — thick laminated film, which gets sweetened liquid surface. This is a yeast and acetic acid bacteria symbiosis. Kombucha and Tibetan tea fungus known as grass before our era, he invented a Chinese doctor. There are his relatives, rarely found in Lithuania — as well as rice, milk mushrooms which recalls the curdled milk. Most data on the oldest tearoom a fungus found in Russia in All the fungi classified as medicinal properties. Mushroom tea with vitamins B and D. It is believed that the mushroom dressing boosts the immune system, improves digestion, eliminates some of the harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines. Patients with angina or gum inflammation, it is advisable to rinse the throat. Has unique properties: it can never rot, mildew. Natural sterility of the fungus remains in contact with air, which is always rich in variety of bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, the flying tea fungus on the surface of the multi-layer film. This is similar to yeast, fungus and bacteria in a colony: greyish white, the top tiers of the bottom wavy hairy. Fungus breaks down sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, which makes the spirit vinegar bacteria. Every weeks, rinse under running water, fungus, is replaced by nutrient solution. Jar tied gauze. It is suppressed thirst, but drinking too often, because its acetic acid Cordial may impair the gastrointestinal tract. Suitable for dressing and a hangover — it cleanses the body of toxins. They say that it can be cured and acne on the face and resulting stains. Japanese tea with mushrooms kombucha and lemon green tea drinking. Kombucha — drink, drinking their homeland in China years. In many vitamins, kombucha have very few supplies — glucoron acid distinctive feature — the ability to connect the body with harmful substances and to accelerate the decomposition of the body and thus help to remove them. In Lithuania, mushroom tea brought from abroad. They can be found in larger specialist coffee and tea shops. Is considered a wide neck jars. Darjeeling tea] — flavored, similar to wine tasting drink. Tea grown in the Himalayan highlands, and is very expensive. Usually used in mixtures. Arbatos aromatas — kaip labai kvapnios juodosios arbatos atmainos. Counts Grey tea] — an exotic taste and aroma of tea is prepared from Darjeeling black tea and Chinese. Counts gray tea flavor gives the typical bergamot fruit Italian citrus fruit oil. This fragrant and strong tea, perfect for white-colored drink with milk or cream. Tea fragrance — like a very delicious black tea cultivar. Earl Grey tea is very good with the cream cakes. Traditionally drunk without milk. Ceylon tea [Ceylon — the island, country, now Sri Lanka] — strong, golden beverage that is produced in Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is grown high above sea level, situated areas. In the tea beverage is produced. Often used in blends, but it can also be steamed, and one alone, and drink at any time of day. Ceylon tea combined with roasted bread, handsets, butter, jam, fresh fruit juice, yogurt, baked fresh pork sausage, smoked bacon, fried egg, jam, keksiukais with raisins. Palaukiama dar minutes, kol pritraukia, ir tada geriama. Previously, the chief butler, valet English Lord, every morning, have had to supply their own morning tea Mr. The supply of tea — a distinctive ritual: butlers knock on the bedroom door and on a silver tray of freshly prepared tea way contributed, each time saying the words of greeting. Eventually, the English butler house disappeared, but the custom of drinking tea, the morning continued till this day. Previously, the tea produced in this way: a few tea leaves were boiled in water for half an hour to unfold a great drink in the smell and taste. Soon began to make tea and sugar, the drink would not taste so times. And only after the age was invented, that can be added to tea and milk. To this day remained the tradition of tea to break 4 hours. The British created a name for the day time — tea time tea time and a wide variety of black tea blends. Now, add to the kettle of boiling water to warm up it. Water is poured, and the teapot is cleaned. One person added one teaspoon of tea, one teaspoon replace the top of pot. Pour a little hot but not boiling water. Wait about two minutes. Then, filled with full teapot, which holds both cups as needed. Wait minutes, until the drive, and then drunk. There are two tea traditions: — Tea; — High tea. It consists of a hot dish such as vegetables or meat piealong with other tea to the appropriate dishes. High tea drinking ceremony perfect. Water, sugar, milk, tea packed in heavy silver, Victorian-style hand-made dishes and tea ready — the shallow handmade porcelain cups. This tea comes to snack between meals, because they usually come to cakes, biscuits, strawberries or strawberry jam. Another tradition — the usual drink with a variety of cookies, cakes and sweets, drink plenty of tea. The English drink every meal: with milk or cream, though aristocratic tradition requires drinking tea with lemon, no cream. Boiling point of water. Mint Wash in cold water. Tea-assemble into a pot, poured over hot water, place the powdered sugar. Then poured into another pot. It is times the tea leaves unfold as much as possible and would be felt in unique tea flavor. Tea is poured into a teapot, washed with hot water, add mint leaves and let stand several minutes to attract. Algerian cuisine, tea. Dar VI a. Iki III m. Iki pat XIX a. Iki XIX a. Juodoji arbata. Kitaip dar vadinama geltonoji ar raudonoji arbata. Fermentavimas stabdomas kaitinant lapus. Presuota arbata. Irane ir Turkijoje arbata tiekiama ne su cukrumi, bet su razinomis, figomis ir migdolais. Juos verda kartu su pienu. Prie arbatos labai tinka romas. Tea [lot. Even the sixth century drank tea and Chinese dishes. On stimulating beverage called tea at first mention in Ave. In e Chinese chronicles. By III, the e a. According to one legend, the Chinese emperor there nung Sen Nung years before Christ, boiled water in your garden, accidentally fell into the bush after missing a few leaves. Tasted liquor, the ruler was pleasantly surprised by his excellent taste. Tang Dynasty AD became known as the golden age of tea, when tea drinking started, not only the emperor and the estates of the nobles, but also tea, poor Chinese homes. It was then written and the first comprehensive treatise on tea, its production, preparation, storage, use and healing properties. Pluck tea leaves were processed by steam, bruised and mixed with prune juice. If you were adding weight to the specific forms, pressed and heated until dry. This was pressed tea is heated in the oven until the melt, and finely crushed to powder, the boiled water. Prepared to improve the taste of tea was added to salt, sweet, cloves, ginger, orange peel and mint. Later, pressed tea was grinding to a powder, which was vigorously for boiling water this way of preparing tea in China over the Japanese, the renowned tea ceremony. Gradually a strong culinary accessories by more subtle jasmine, lotus, chrysanthemum essential oils. More recently, the Chinese have developed two new types of teas — black flower petals and aromatic. By the seventeenth century produced only green tea. Seventeenth century the Chinese coast comes first merchant ships from Portugal, then — from Spain, Holland. Tea is often served to newcomers, Europeans began to promote it and their own lands. About the year the first European who came to tea was green. Initially it was used as a remedy for fevers. Subsequently, it was just launched in widespread use as a beverage. Until the nineteenth century Mid-China was the only supplier of tea in the world. After 10 years in Java, followed by the British in India. It is known that tea in India for the first time brought to England in 10 January. Until the nineteenth century Mid-tea tea was used in rare occasions — treat a ceremony. Tea is a protein and amino acids, pigments, vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, C, and otherscaffeine, essential oils, tanning materials. Tea made from evergreen tropical or subtropical plant Thea sinensis. According to the method of production are six main types of tea: 1st Black tea. It is made from dried tea leaves. Juice extracted from the leaves, they are very cool and wet fermentation. The manufacturing process affects the taste of tea. Fermentation stops when the leaves are dried in the fire pan, trays or baskets, chip or straw plaits wicker. This semi-fermented tea which is made from a special Chinese tea varieties. Otherwise known as the yellow or red tea. Fermentation stopped heating the leaves. Then they are rolled and dried. Leaves are heated or steam heated to sterilization and the disappearance of enzymes. After the leaves are dried and rolled until the blue becomes green. Mainly grown in Fujian province, China. They produced little. Harvested tea buds that are still without a ring. They are naturally cured evaporation of moisture, then dried. Rolls buds are silvery. Grown in South Africa, Cedar Mountain. It does not contain any additives or preservatives. Not much tannin, and no caffeine, but rich in iron. Each of these types has many of its variants. Total world production is approximately 3, different types of tea. Green tea is best suited to use in summer refreshing the disappearance of headache, weaknessand black — in winter, autumn soothes tired, nervous exhaustion. Black tea has a lot of hot water-soluble substances that give color drink. Green tea was less of such substances, so the drink is a dark color. The most aromatic and highest quality of young leaves and buds tea. Black tea, essential oils are more than green, so its flavor more pronounced. The caffeine in tea is black from 1. Three-quarters of caffeine dissolved in water, so the tea cup is about 0. Tea herbs found in amino acids, trace elements and vitamins. Green tea, vitamin C 2 times more than black. Since the chemical composition of different leaf tea depends on the human body. Unlike coffee, which stimulates only 2 hours, similar to tea effect lasts up to 6 hours. Hot tea refreshing, warm, reducing hunger. Tea and a positive effect on the digestive organs. Food poisoning, it is recommended to drink plenty of green tea with a little sugar and lemon juice. It is healthy to drink tea, if the decreased gastric acidity. It improves the appetite, detoxifies, reduces vitamin C deficiency. In addition, tea is a lot of capillaries and blood vessels in enhancing vitamin P. This drink relaxes blood vessels spasm, is reassuringly full of heart and vascular system, and catechin in tea may help patients with hypertension because they reduce blood pressure, headache, Impulses. Tea is loose black, green and yellow and pressed black and greengold bars, or bricks black and greenand tablet forms. The most popular are tea, fruit tea and other. Fruit tea made from dried fruit, flowers. Herbal teas made from herbs, leaves, flowers. There is one kind of tea, and mixtures thereof. Composing mixtures usually consists of one flavoursome ingredient eg, mint and mixed with three of four neutral components with low odor. There are teas with tea as a coherent whole with fruit or other plant components. Tea is made from a variety of dried herbs and spices mint, chamomile, etc. From dried berries blueberries, strawberries, etc. Tea used as substitutes for various dried plant leaves, stems, berries, fruits and roots. Verdant tea from the plant, with little flavor and aromatic substances are added essences raspberries, pears, strawberries, etc. In summer, cooked fresh mint, chamomile, lime buds, thyme tea. Tea leaves are ranked by size, age and quality. Often it is filed with the sugar, lemon or jam. Taken with milk or cream, suitable for a wide variety of sandwiches. Tea Cordial as a coloring material used in the production of cream paint color of the tea and gives tea flavor. Tea can be divided very differently. The color — a black fermentedred and yellow poorly fermentedgreen not fermented. Green more drinking and East Asian lands. Green tea has recently become popular quickly. Sometimes the tea is flavored with natural or chemically derived flavorings. Can be found in both leaf and granulated and pre-packaged packets flavored teas. Tea quality measured by organoleptic and laboratory indicators, assessed the dry tea appearance, dressing color, aroma and taste of cooked leaf color. All kinds of high quality tea does not have mold or other odors, woody stem parts of the impurities. It keeps useful nutrients — vitamins, minerals, teine, tannins. Chinese tea is traditionally made by hand, especially in the preparation of high quality tea: harvested leaves are dried and then briefly treated at very high temperatures in order to stop any fermentation or oxidationwhich leaves may begin to rot. When preparing tea the traditional way tea leaves are evenly spread on bamboo trays and left in the sun for one or two hours. After the leaves in small quantities are placed in special pans, and quickly stir until soft, and becomes moldy. It is naturally excreted moisture. After a few minutes to soften the leaves and placed on bamboo tables and wrapped into balls. They are wrapped together again briefly in a hot frying pan and quickly mixed. Then wrap the leaves again and left to dry. An hour later, the leaves become pale green in color, which is more change. Finally, the leaves are sorted by screening different sized sieves. They are two important production processes. Initially leaves are arranged on a rack and kept warm. Then they are exposed to very hot weather. Since the heat turns the leaves black. Cooled tea leaves are prepared for sale as individual leaves or dried preparations are made. Worldwide, there are many different tea traditions. Japanese tea — a special ritual ceremony. The British drink a very strong tea with milk. Uzbekistan is added to tea, honey, milk and pepper. Iran and Turkey, delivered at tea with sugar, but with raisins, figs and almonds. Indian tea is taken to paskaninant cloves, ginger, cardamom. They are going on with milk. Tibet adds to tea butter, beaten from yak milk, and salt. Mongolia, plus tea boiled rice, meat, fats after heating. In addition, the Mongolians drink tea infusions of bone broth. Taken in Europe with sugar, sometimes accompanied by a slice of lemon, China and Japan sugar added. Tea or a glass cup is filed with the dish. Some pour tea spoon glass must be, but the pot — never. Adding or further to the right side. The tea is well suited to rum. See tea herbs, drink, mate. This equates to orange juice grape juice has about 1 percent. It is estimated that alcohol-free beer invented cosmonauts that they will not remain completely without pleasure. Retains all the beer-specific vitamins and trace elements and restore electrolyte balance in the body. So is drinking drivers, athletes, as well as the weight of smoking. The drink has anti-cancer properties, reduces blood clotting. However, it is shown how this beer is an integral part of the work. According to nutritionists, unhealthy to drink too much, because traditionally the dominant product of displacing other food, it becomes unbalanced. Vadinamieji kokteiliai ppr. Svarbiausi kokoso pieno produktai: 1. Nuriebintas proc. Skoniui […]. Plaunama taip pat kaip ir […]. Sklido gandai, kad […]. Best coffee in Zambia types of good and […]. Atsirado XVII a. Lump sugar — the type of sugar produced from sugar cubes of white refined sugar. Around the world each year mainly from sugar cane produced sugar, alcohol, rum, syrup and sugar from sugar […]. Cukraus […]. Suitable for hot drinks sweetened. There are threefold sugar crystals: white, yellow-brown and dark brown cube shape. Manoma, kad mielinis blynas atsirado metais. Gaminami miltiniai, bulviniai, baltos duonos ir kt. Valgomi su obuoliais, cukrumi, lydytu sviestu, uogiene. Grinder — mill coffee, pepper, cinnamon, cumin and other spices ground. Large range of products — wood, steel, acrylic, combined in different colors, sizes and designs mills. Paskaninama tirpintu sviestu, avienos riebalais ir kitais ingredientais. Ir svarbiausia — saikingumo. Jau […]. Yra […]. Crayfish sauce — a meal from the flowers of white, toasted, broth diluted with flour and […]. Raw yolks well […]. This is a red currant, hunters, cranberry sauce, suitable to a variety of cold meat, game […]. Berries […]. Raw yolks well with the omitted […]. Kavos pakaitalai yra malonaus skonio ir aromato. Skiriami: 1. Kavos pakaitalai […]. Skirtumas tik tas, kad arbatos pakaitalai neturi alkaloido kofeino, […]. Jo poveikis tiek tonizuojamasis, tiek […]. Alkalizuoti kakavos milteliai tinka konditerijos ir pieno pramonei. Cocoa products — natural cocoa powder, cocoa powder Alkalised, cocoa butter, cocoa mass. Chocolate for the production of […]. Tai puikus antidepresantas. Dar XX a. This type of beer, flavored with ginger. Made from pure Minčių Laivai - Various - Sveika

rifilrocheckcenpo.stosinatflirridekefedtethenesspo.co - Ligos, medicina, sveikata, vaistai, sveikatos patarimai, gydymo centrai ©. Kad vairuotojas galėtų saugiai išriedėti su automobiliu į gatvę, jam teko iš pradžių pasitreniruoti su kompiuterine programa, kol perpras valdymą mintimis. Nors valdymas mintimis ir apsiribojo mašinos judėjimo komandomis, bet to tikrai užtenka įrodant, kad jau ir šiai dienai, minčių skaitymas nėra tokia jau tolima ateitis. Kino grando Martino Scorsese`s filmas „Airis“, kurio pasaulinė premjera prieš mėnesį įvyko Niujorko kino festivalyje ir kuris buvo dėmesio centre neseniai pasibaigusiame Romos festivalyje, pradeda kelionę po pasaulio kino teatrus. SVEIKA, VASARA: VARGONŲ MUZIKA, GAIVIOS IDĖJOS DRAUGIJOS VEIKLAI. gegužės 31, Naujienos Komentarų nėra. 0 0. m. gegužės 30 d. Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademijos Vargonų katedros salėje vyko Lietuvos ir Čekijos draugijos susirinkimas, skirtas pirmojo pusmečio veiklos apžvalgai ir antrojo pusmečio veiklos plano. Klaipėdos koncertų salėje netrukus suskambės šventinės klasikos festivalio „Salve Musica" akordai. Visą gruodžio mėnesį jie skleis ramybę ir apgaubs palaima, bylos apie tekantį laiką ir tikrųjų vertybių ilgesį. Amžinai gyva klasikinė muzika pripildys mus visus šviesaus džiugesio ir vilties! Kviečiame. UAB Pro Marine. Kodas: PVM mokėtojo kodas: LT Savanorių pr. , LT, Vilnius. Telefonas: + Mar 05,  · Sievietes ir veiksmīgas uzņēmējas, sabiedrības lauvas, un tas ir tikai apsveicami. Sabiedrībā visi ir vienlīdzīgi, taču vai sievietes un vīrieši randiņos un sākot jaunas attiecības pieņem šos spēles noteikumus? Nebūt ne, cilvēki vēl aizvien dzīvo gadsimtiem senos aizspriedumos. ųjų sukilimas buvo paskutinis istorijos įvykis, kuriame lietuviai ir lenkai veikė kartu – kaip skelbė sukilimo šūkis „Už mūsų ir jūsų laisvę!“ Šeštadienį Bistrampolyje, kuriame vyko mūšiai, pristatytas pirmasis dokumentinis filmas apie sukilimą pradėjusį kunigą Antaną Mackevičių, sukurtas Lenkijos dvarininkų palikuonio režisieriaus Tadeušo Bistramo. Vairuotojų įžūlumo neapsikentęs troleibuso vairuotojas atsiuntė vaizdo įrašą, kaip vienas vairuotojas įžūliai važiuoja „A“ juosta. Liepkalnis - vasaros ir žiemos pramogų parkas Vilniuje!


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