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It seemed like a good idea at the time. It didn't work out too well. The prohibition, of course, does not apply only to hotels. Churches, schools, theaters and other venues have been known to block -- or jam -- cell phone and wi-fi transmissions, hoping to prevent phones ringing and iChats bleeping during sermons, cantatas, lectures and so forth. Some had argued that jamming wi-fi and cellphone calls is permissible because such devices are not licensed.

It's true that you don't need a license to use a cellphone but the wireless carriers are licensed and the use of the devices is legal under the Communications Act, meaning it's protected from jamming by those who think they should have total control of their guests, congregants, students and what-have-you. You aren't the only one who can get the flu. Your dog can get it too.

A persistent cough. It may sound like kennel cough -- that dry hacking cough. Your dog will probably have a sore throat as well. But it shouldn't create any long-lasting damage. The cough can last from days.

Runny nose. Your vet can give you meds to dry this up. Your dog's temperature could go as high as degrees. A normal temp is anywhere from Taking your dog to the vet is the only way to get an accurate diagnosis.

If your dog should get the flu, make sure they are eating properly. Select a high quality pet food and feed small meals a day. Make sure your dog stays inside and has a comfortable place to rest. If you don't have one already, look for a big soft comfy bed. Your dog needs rest. If he is worn out it will hamper his ability to fight off the infection. Just as with humans, wash your hands to be sure you aren't spreading the virus.

Don't let your pets share toys or drink from strange bowls. The virus can stay on an object up to 48 hours. Success in college depends on many things but one thing is for sure -- you have to show up for class. The research is pretty clear: your attendance in class equates to how well you will do in school. If you are a parent shelling out large bills for college it might be nice to know if your kids are actually going to their classes.

So now there is an app for that. It's called Class and if you skip class it tells your parents. It's pretty simple. If not, the parent gets a phone call or email. Whorley came up with the idea after talking to a college professor and discussing how to improve graduation rates. The professor said that the kids with the highest graduation rates happen to be student athletes.

You wonder why the courts are clogged? Then there's a whole breadbasket full of claims that seem somewhat half-baked. Take the lawsuits filed by consumers who argue that Whole Foods and Wegmans aren't really selling freshly store-baked bread, cakes and so forth in their gargantuan supermarkets.

This might fly in the face of what one sees upon entering one of the cavernous emporia, where breads, muffins, cupcakes, pies and cakes are pulled steaming from huge ovens.

What was that stuff doing in there if it wasn't being baked? Well, the answer, the litigants claim, is that it was just being warmed up. Wegmans and Whole Foods stores are too overwhelming for some of us so we seek out smaller stores, like Giant. Giants are big, but not -- you know -- that big. And because we regularly chat up the bakers at the Fairfax Blvd. After rising last week to their highest levels in more 6 months, mortgage applications headed lower last week.

The results include an adjustment to account for the Martin Luther King holiday. The adjustable-rate mortgage ARM share of activity fell to 5.

The seasonally adjusted Government Index increased 9. The VA share of total applications increased to The Conference Board reports its Consumer Confidence Index, which had inched higher in December, rose sharply this month.

The Index now stands at The Present Situation Index rose to With the big January increase, consumer confidence is now at its highest level since August They were also much more positive in their assessment of the job market.

Optimism about the short-term outlook was more positive. Consumers expecting business conditions to improve over the next 6 months rose from The outlook for the labor market also showed improvement. Those anticipating more jobs in the months ahead increased from The proportion of consumers expecting their incomes to grow surged from The monthly Consumer Confidence Survey, based on a probability-design random sample, is conducted for The Conference Board by Nielsen, a provider of information and analytics around what consumers buy and watch.

Nissan North America is recallingmodel year Nissan Rogue vehicles manufactured March 7,to November 26,and Nissan Rogue Select vehicles manufactured September 23,to July 2, An electrical short can cause a vehicle fire.

Nissan will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the kick panel wiring harness connector and will -- if necessary -- install a new harness connector and waterproof seal free of charge. Three lots are being recalled:. Consumers may callMonday — Friday from a. MT, or email returns theprobar. That's the simplest conclusion to reach after looking at two different and theoretically unrelated news stories from this week. Not that this should surprise anyone who pays attention.

Last May, California state senator Jerry Hill did a little experiment demonstrating just how easily a modern American's whereabouts can be tracked: he hired a private detective to track his wife's activities presumably with her consent.

And, as the Wall Street Journal reported this week, the DEA maintains an even larger database throughout the nation, a database frequently accessed by various state and local law-enforcement agencies seeking to monitor peoples' whereabouts :. The primary goal of the license-plate tracking program, run by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is to seize cars, cash and other assets to combat drug trafficking, according to one government document.

The DEA collects its information with high-tech cameras placed in strategic locations to monitor public highways. In addition to license plate data, the cameras also photograph vehicles' occupants clearly enough to confirm their identities.

The cameras, and the databases of information they collect, let authorized government agents in addition to the unauthorized hackers who menace any computer data track people's whereabouts in realtime, in addition to compiling a historical record of people's movements. Despite all the information presented in the Journal's story, much about the DEA's national surveillance program remains unknown:. The effort began in border states like Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, but the goal has always been expansion, according to current and former federal officials and documents.

At a hearing, Utah lawmakers balked when DEA officials sought to have license-plate readers in the state feed into the database—one of the few times the agency has provided even limited facts about the program ….

To reiterate: the federal government has a large and growing nationwide system of cameras set up to monitor and record the locations of literally everybody in America or, at least, everybody on an American highway. Waze is a crowdsourced app that lets users post realtime updates about local road or traffic conditions. It also allows users to report police sightings on public roadways — and, as the Associated Press reported yesterday, the police don't like that idea at all.

Although Waze does show police presence, it offers nothing more specific than a police-shaped icon indicating that police are in an area. But it won't say why — are police in a given location manning a speedtrap? Putting up a roadblock or checkpoint? Taking a lunch break? You won't know; you'll only know that police are there.

But for modern cops, even that is more information than American citizens can be trusted with. Translation: Google should definitely NOT take this as a threat or anything, nobody's threatening any lawsuit or legal actions, we're just urging Google to be responsible and do what we want so we won't have to bother with lawsuits or legal actions, capisce? It should come as no surprise that housing for this demographic is ascending.

After all, Baby Boomers are by and large, the most affluent segment of the population. They have the money to buy new homes.

They are also at a point in their lives when they are downsizing. Not ready for a retirement home, they are ready for less responsibility and less house. And home builders say they are gravitating toward housing developments that are only open to residents 55 and over. And going forward, the steady rise in the 55 and over population will signal an increased need for housing to accommodate that group. While new home starts have been up and down over the last several years, Emrath says a survey of members that measures builder and developer confidence for that market has regularly posted year-over-year gains.

The proof of any trend lies in the numbers, not just sentiment. And I don't think it's going to slow down anytime soon.

What's the draw for an age-restricted community? For one, there are no children in the neighborhood. For some, having no kids around is a big plus. Most communities have recreational facilities like swimming pools and putting greens, as well as activities like art classes and fitness programs.

Builders in this market have the opportunity to have tremendous success since the population we are serving is so vast. Some developments are non-profit, some are for-profit. Measuring the pros and cons, SeniorHomes. On the downside, some seniors might feel a sense of loss in the abrupt change from the residential neighborhood where they raised their children. And while the idea of being around only people in your age group might sound attractive, it could be much less so in reality.

Finally, for those who are used to living in single-family homes, apartment-style facilities may prove uncomfortable. This year, it counts more than 10 times that number.

At least 5 million of those vehicles were bought and sold by potentially unsuspecting consumers inthe company says. Making matters worse is the type of vehicle most likely to have an open recall. Carfax says they are overweighted among so-called family-oriented vehicles — specifically minivans and SUVs. One in 3 minivans and 1 in 5 SUVs have an unfixed recall, according to Carfax. Fires, crashes and serious injury are just a few consequences of letting recalls go unfixed.

When a car is recalled for any reason, the recall notice goes out to the owner of record. But if the owner has sold the vehicle or chooses to ignore the notice, the repair is not made.

The vehicle might be sold more than once with the eventual owner completely unaware that the car or truck has a safety defect. The report is especially troubling since last year saw a huge surge in safety recalls, especially from one manufacturer — General Motors GM.

Driving an unrepaired vehicle can be very dangerous, depending upon the safety issue. The issue has been linked to at least 5 deaths and hundreds of injuries. It focused on non-crash fires, finding claims went up even after a vehicle had been recalled. This may be a result of people not following up after receiving a recall notice.

If you are driving an older vehicle — especially one that you purchased used — there is a very simple way to find out if your car has an open recall. There is a national database of open automotive recalls that can be searched by brand. By entering your car's vehicle identification number VIN you can learn if your car has an unrepaired issue. With a blizzard like this and sub-freezing temperatures bring your pets inside immediately.

Make bathroom runs just that -- runs that are quick and to the point. When taking your pets outside make sure they are prepared. If you have a small pet it may need a coat depending on how thick its fur is.

Get booties so their paws don't freeze. Always go out with them and make sure they have ID tags on in case they bolt or something horrible happens. When you bring them back in make sure you clean them off and check their paws. Look at the paw pads and the spaces in between their toes.

Be really careful about ice-melting chemicals and antifreeze -- they can make your pet very ill and they may have a tendency to lick their legs or feet. The same goes for very young and very old pets. Check underneath your car, bang on the hood, and honk the horn before starting the engine to make sure you don't have any extra passengers.

Watch where you take that quick walk. When walking your dog, stay away from frozen ponds, lakes and other water. Keep an eye out for pets in distress and report them if you see them. In New York City, call The Internet of Things -- interconnected devices like appliances and security alarms -- are fine but it's important to protect them against errant humans, a report from the Federal Trade Commission FTC cautions.

Consumers are rushing to install Internet-enabled thermostats, smoke alarms, security systems, health and fitness monitors and cars, a trend that promises improved security, economy and efficiency but that also raises privacy and security concerns. There are already more than 25 billion connected devices in use worldwide, with that number set to rise significantly as consumer goods companies, auto manufacturers, healthcare providers, and other businesses continue to invest in connected devices, according to data cited in the report.

Security was one of the main topics addressed at the workshop and in the comments, particularly due to the highly networked nature of the devices. The report includes the following recommendations for companies developing Internet of Things devices:. Commission staff also recommend that companies consider data minimization — that is, limiting the collection of consumer data, and retaining that information only for a set period of time, and not indefinitely.

Airlines are quick to raise fares and slap on fuel surcharges when fuel costs are high. But they're not so quick to lower fares or eliminate those surcharges when prices tumble.

This is starting to irk passengers. Right on cue, American Airlines reported today that its operating expenses fell 4. It's time for airlines to fasten their seat belts and let fares begin their descent, said Paul Hudson, president of FlyersRights. Airlines are the ones who clearly established the link between fuel and airfares, Hudson said.

For the past half-decade while fuel costs were rising, airlines were increasing airfares and regularly proclaiming the dire need for fuel surcharges, baggage fees and other ancillary fees.

Instead we hear deafening silence. Though economists can make lots of excuses, if there were more competition, consumers would be seeing lower costs to fly. Home prices across the country continued to rise on a year-over-year basis in November although at a slower rate, while month-over-month, there was a decline in values. Miami and San Francisco continue to lead all cities, posting gains of 8.

Nine cities -- including Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte and Portland -- saw annual growth rates climb more than other cities in November; month growth rates for Detroit and Miami dropped the most among all 20 cities. Both the National and Composite Indices were down marginally in November. The 10 and City Composites reported declines of Tampa led all cities in November with an increase of 0. Chicago and Detroit offset those gains by reporting decreases of Most of the rest of the country is lagging the national index gains.

Moreover, these price patterns have been in place since last spring. Existing home sales were lower in thanconfirming these trends. Figures released jointly by the U. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development show house sold at an annual rate oflast month -- up The previous month's total was revised lower to show an increase ofinstead of the ,00 reported initially.

For all ofan estimatednew homes were sold -- 1. The median is the point at which half the prices are higher and half are lower. The seasonally adjusted estimate of new houses for sale at the end of December was , which represents a supply of 5. The complete new home sales report is available on the Commerce Department website. While most Additionally Additionally, A record one in five Discount One-quarter The products contain soy, milk, wheat, and sulfites, allergens not declared on the product label.

The vehicles' fuel injection may leak, and the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire. Volkswagen will notify owners, and dealers will replace the fuel rails and corresponding seals, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin March 10, Owners may contact Audi customer service at or Volkswagen customer service at Oz may think it's great but the Federal Trade Commission says the green coffee bean extract he gushed over doesn't live up to its hype.

In Septemberthe FTC settled charges against the company that sponsored the severely flawed study that Duncan discussed on Dr. For example, while discussing green coffee bean extract during the taping of Dr. Oz, Duncan urged viewers to search for the product online using phrases his companies would use in search advertising to drive consumers to their websites selling the extract.

He reached out to retailers, describing his upcoming appearance on The Dr. He and his companies also began an intensive effort to make the extract available in Walmart stores and on Amazon.

Lower-income consumers are being unfairly gouged for car insurance, a study by the Consumer Federation of America CFA finds, contributing to the high rate of uninsured drivers and restricting economic opportunities.

The study found that annual auto insurance premiums are especially high for the estimated 8 million low- and moderate-income drivers who finance their car purchases. These drivers must purchase the comprehensive and collision coverage required by auto lenders in addition to the liability coverage required by states. The report faulted state governments for allowing major auto insurers to charge higher premiums based on income and other factors not directly related to safety.

By law, this program is required to charge premiums that cover claims paid, so is not subsidized by taxpayers or other drivers. GEICO tended to charge the least e. Within individual markets, huge price ranges typically exceeded percent. What was once called the cellphone business is about to face the kind of disruption that has left everything from newspaper barons to taxi drivers wondering where their next meal is coming from. Comcast may also be cooking up something similar.

If they work as planned, the new services will be close enough to traditional cellphones that most consumers probably won't notice a difference. But there is in fact a big difference -- both will be heavily reliant on wi-fi to supplement the cellphone spectrum that is currently in short supply and held hostage by existing cellphone companies who demand -- and get -- top dollar from customers.

While neither company has formally announced its plans, both are thought to be ready to do so in the first half of this year. Google's system, according to published reports, will use a combination of wi-fi and spectrum space leased from T-Mobile and Sprint while Cablevision apparently plans to rely solely on wi-fi.

And just where is this wi-fi capacity coming from? It may be as close as your home. Comcast has been quietly replacing the routers it supplies to cable customers with new models that have a "channel" for use by the customer and another channel that (#14) Cold Snap - Various - Rule 01 Compilation: < 120 bpms (File be available to anyone with a Comcast account.

Cablevision's plan may be similar. This means that someone driving by your home may be, for at least a few seconds, connecting through the router in your spare bedroom. There has been some consternation from activists who say Comcast is invading its users privacy and needlessly running up their electricity bills.

But Comcast insists the second "channel" -- which isn't really a channel but simply a second user account on the router -- will be completely walled off from the consumer's network and the twain shall never meet.

Google, which already knows pretty much everything worth knowing, has been building a database of routers that have publicly accessible channels and will presumably be using them to supplement the spectrum space it buys from traditional carriers. Obviously, there are many details still to be worked out, or at least made public, but the takeaway for consumers is that what has essentially been a closed club -- the cellphone business -- is about to burst wide open. Google is in business to collect data about its customers and sell advertising while Cablevision and Comcast are in business to sell cable TV and Internet connections.

This makes it very likely that the services offered by Google and the other new entrants will be priced very aggressively and perhaps offered on a bring-your-own-phone basis, letting consumers escape more readily from the ironclad phone leases and service contracts the current big guys insist on. Skeptics say wi-fi isn't up to the job and the new services won't work very well.

Could be, but ask yourself this -- how well does your current wireless service work? If you're like most of us, it works OK sometimes, not so great other times, so what else is new? Last week Adobe released a update intended to patch a zero-day vulnerability which the security blog Malware Don't Need Coffee had initially discovered in certain versions of Flash.

But within hours of releasing that patch last Thursday, Adobe admitted that the hackers who exploited the initial vulnerability had already discovered how to work around the patch, meaning that Flash users were still vulnerable to hackers until at least Jan. Adobe's updated Security Advisory also notes that a patch to fix another security flaw went through on Saturday, Jan.

For those who manually update Flash, the second patch won't be released until sometime this week:. This version includes a fix for CVE Adobe expects to have an update available for manual download during the week of January 26 …. Until you are able to apply the second update to Flash, your best bet is to play it safe and disable Flash altogether. Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Jan. With tax-filing season in high gear, the IRS has issued its annual warnings against thieving scammers who pretend to be IRS agents so they can prey on taxpayers, either by directly stealing money, or indirectly via identity theft.

Every January, the IRS releases a list of the most common tax-related scams from the previous year. Of course, phishing scams aren't remotely limited to the IRS; pretty much every genuine company or government agency in existence has scammers operating in its name somewhere. Fake emails from the IRS usually fall into one of two categories: those claiming you must pay taxes, and those claiming you're owed a refund.

The message might also be loaded with malware, and the scammers want you to click on links or download attachments in order to install that malware onto your computer. Of course, you should never download attachments or click on links in any unsolicited emails, no matter who they're supposedly from. On the other hand, you might instead receive emails — or even phone calls — claiming that you owe back taxes to the IRS. In such instances, the caller or email writer will not only demand payment from you, but will threaten you with arrest and imprisonment if you don't pay immediately.

You can be confident that such a message is not actually from an IRS agent. This includes requests for PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts. The threat of immediate consequences is another tipoff that the message isn't from the IRS: yes, the agency really does go after delinquent taxpayers, and even puts people in prison for non-payment. But the IRS, when going after tax scofflaws, does not demand payment over the phone or via email.

Nor would a legitimate IRS agent demand payment in cash, via a pre-paid money card or some other untraceable source. For the most part, IRS agents don't threaten people with arrest at all — because, quite frankly, they don't need to. Unlike scammers, real IRS agents know they have the law on their side. Otherwise, the IRS requests that you report the scam attempt by sending an email to phishing irs.

You might also consider calling your local police to let them know about the phone-scam attempt in their jurisdiction. Owners of dogs classified as dangerous by Ormond Beach, Fla. Other locales are looking at similar legislation. How does a dog get a "dangerous" label? It takes just one time, that's it. If your dog attacks a human once or it attacks another animal more than twice in Ormond Beach you will be officially living with a dangerous dog. While homeowners and renters insurance usually cover dog bites, they often don't provide enough coverage to handle major injuries.

Also, insurance companies are increasingly excluding breeds considered dangerous. One answer is to buy an "umbrella" policy, which basically covers everything not covered by other policies. But again, insurance companies are excluding dangerous breeds from those policies as well. Pit bulls and rottweilers are generally considered the most dangerous breeds, according to DogsBite. Laws, of course, vary by state and from one city or two to another within each state but the trend is clearly towards harsh penalties and escalating liability for vicious dogs and their owners.

Maryland recently backed away from laws aimed specifically at pit bulls when then-Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a measure repealing what some called "canine racism. Legal niceties aside, what it comes down to is that owning a dog considered to be dangerous represents a legal liability that is greater than most consumers can afford.

What they don't know won't hurt them. Is that an OK motto for a relationship? Of course there are couples who are open about separate accounts, and they have the freedom to spend as they see fit. If you extend the results to the general population that would mean about 7 million Americans are keeping financial secrets and committing financial infidelity. Paula Levy, a marriage and family therapist in Connecticut who just happens to be a certified public accountant as well, says there is nothing out of the ordinary about couples keeping some financial secrets.

The problem arises when one of the parties finds out that a secret has been kept from them. That creates a lack of trust and can undermine a relationship. Such problems often arise when one spouse is afraid to tell the other how much debt they have run up.

The truth usually emerges after something hits the fan such as a car in the driveway being repossessed or a lien on the house pops up seemingly from nowhere. Who do you think is more likely to be hiding a credit card or checking account? On the other hand, men don't seem to be bothered if their spouse or significant other spends large amounts of cash without telling them.

So how do you know if someone is committing financial infidelity? You should have access to those if you have a joint account. Like anything in a relationship you need to talk about it.

The best time is probably not when you are out to dinner or in a movie. Pick a time where you both can take a look at your credit report and go through it and figure a way to work together to solve the problem.

Most money issues aren't about money -- they're about power. People have money personalities -- you are either a saver or a spender. These personalities were years in the making.

If you are spending more than you have -- or if your spouse is -- and you can't seem to work it out, get a financial counselor who can help set up a plan that will work for both of you. Fuds of Valparaiso, Ind.

Fuds Chicken Tender Chunks pet food. The recalled product was distributed to wholesale and retail customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

It can be identified by the batch ID code manufactured date and UPC code printed on the back of the individual plastic bag or on the master case label. It is a frozen raw poultry product see Safe Handling Instructions on package and has a shelf life of one year if kept frozen.

Pet owners who have the affected product should return it to the retailer for a refund and proper disposal. Primecut Meats of Phoenix, Ariz. The the following items, produced on various dates prior to January 23,are being recalled:. The problem was discovered after the firm received consumer complaints indicating that the Lemon Pepper flavored ChicNSteakes boxes actually contain Chicken Teriyaki flavored ChicNSteakes.

Consumers who have purchased this product should destroy it or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. The recalled product was marketed through distributors, retailers and direct customers across the U.

Consumer with questions or concerns may contact the company at between 9AM — 3PM Monday — Friday or by email at returns goraw. Stagnant wages in the U. Forget about oil prices going back up anytime in the near future. The U. Oil storage facilities are filled to the brim and companies had to scramble to find places to store the extra 10 million barrels of oil U. Total stockpiles reached nearly million barrels, the EIA weekly status report said.

The news sent oil prices plunging once again on world markets, with cheaper U. With so much supply engulfing demand, there is little to propel oil prices higher for the foreseeable future, analysts say.

More important, commodities traders have drastically reduced MP3) positions in the oil market over the last six months, no longer competing with end users of oil — a practice that contributed to oil's lofty heights over the last decade. The EIA report also shows gasoline stockpiles rose during the week ending January 16, rising. That increase should continue to place downward pressure on MP3) at the pump. For example, the cheapest fuel in the U. Hawaii's gasoline prices, influenced more by taxes and transportation costs than oil prices, are the only U.

If history is any guide consumers could see a 30 to 50 cent increase in prices this spring, as refineries reduce capacity for maintenance and switch over to summer grade gasoline. But AAA sees little likelihood the increase will be lasting. And of course, this shift was all started when OPEC decided not to react to rising supplies by cutting production. Instead, it continues to pressure U. Yesterday, Adobe released a new security update initially intended to patch a zero-day security flaw in Flash — but mere hours after releasing the patch, Adobe admitted that hackers have already figured out how to work around it.

Adobe is not scheduled to release the newest security update until Jan. The zero-day vulnerability was first discovered and reported earlier this week by the security blog Malware Don't Need Coffee. But Adobe also investigated and eventually confirmed reports that hackers might already have figured out ways to work around the update, and continue exploiting the vulnerability.

Adobe's Jan. If you don't know which version you have, you can find out by clicking here. However, rather than worry about which still-vulnerable version of Flash you have, you might be better off disabling it altogether until at least next Monday, when the next patch is released.

For instructions how to disable Flash in Chrome, click here. For Internet Explorer, click here. Chick here for Firefox. Thus far, the vulnerability doesn't seem to affect Macs, but Mac users might want to disable Flash on Safari just in case.

Federal safety regulators have been looking at beefing up the five-star safety rating system that helps consumers identify cars that perform well in crash and rollover tests. Of course, even better than performing well in crashes is avoiding them, which is why the feds are adding automatic braking to the criteria they'll consider for future ratings.

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx announced the change at a Washington conference with automotive engineers, saying he wanted to "keep raising the bar on safety.

Automatic braking is just what the name implies -- when a front-mounted camera detects that your car is closing too quickly on the car in front of you, it applies the brakes. The feature is offered as an option on a few high-end luxury vehicles today but is still relatively rare. More common is a warning system that sounds a loud beep and flashes a dashboard warning when it detects an impending collision. One-third of all police-reported crashes in involved a rear-end collision with another vehicle, according to data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA.

The agency found that a large number of drivers involved in rear-end crashes either did not apply the brakes at all or did not apply the brakes fully prior to the crash. Automatic emergency baking can intervene by automatically applying the vehicle's brakes or supplementing the driver's braking effort to mitigate the severity of the crash or to avoid it altogether, NHTSA engineers say.

It's not just the purchase price of a car that determines whether it's a good buy. Resale value also enters into the picture, and Subaru and Lexus have tak. Single-family housing starts in December reached their highest monthly activity in nearly 7 years. But of course there is always your house that can be sold, knowing that there is a shortage. Perhaps it's time for an upgrade just to modernize your home a bit or to start prepping for a sale.

According to recent Fitch Ratings forecasts, people will be spending more money on home improvements in Consumers will be parting with cash for smaller projects and putting off the big ticket renovations.

A few upgrades can go a long way toward boosting the value of your home. One of the first things people see from the exterior of your home is your garage and if the basketball has hit it a few too many times or you have backed into it trying to avoid the bikes and tools, maybe it's time for an upgrade.

It can give your house a real facelift. The door should be secure and in good condition. Updating the garage door is an opportunity to boost security and ensure easy access to this important space. Deck out the back yard with a deck. A deck will provide you with more than a place to flip burgers and soak up the sun. Experts suggest using natural, rustic wood.

Knock out the kitchen. By this we mean take out a wall that connects it to another area. The front door is the entryway to your castle and it's the area where people are first welcomed. Your home will look appealing and may even be more energy efficient. Many top contractors offer package deals when you update your windows and doors at the same time.

Think energy efficient when updating both. Windows can create a whole new look to your entire house. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint. Paint a house of many colors. Just by modernizing your paint colors inside and outside, the house will have a whole new feel. Know this though -- all of the paint and new windows won't mean a thing if your basement has water in it when it rains or the roof leaks or your septic tank backs up all the time.

If you are investing in a renovation make sure the basics are covered first. A Texas debt collector faces charges that it used illegal tactics by threatening consumers with false claims of lawsuits and garnishment. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous debt collectors systematically lied to the people they called. CRS has been collecting consumer debts nationwide since The company collects third-party debt, including credit card and auto loan debt.

The National Association of Realtors NAR reports existing-home sales -- completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops -- rose 2. The increase put sales above an annual pace of 5 million for the sixth time in 7 months and 3. That news was tempered, though, by the fact that for all ofthere were 4. That marks the 34th consecutive month of year-over-year price gains.

Sales picked up in December to close a that got off to a sluggish start but showed encouraging signs of activity the second half of the year. Yun says it's not all sunshine and blue skies in the immediate future, though. Nissan North America is recalling model year Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60 vehicles manufactured August 14,to November 5,and Nissan Rogue vehicles manufactured August 12,to November 15, During the assembly process, the front wheel hub assembly fasteners may not have been properly torqued.

The under-torqued fasteners may result in a brake caliper separating from the wheel assembly causing a reduction in braking performance or reduced steering control. These conditions increase the risk of a crash. Nissan will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the vehicles and tighten any loose bolts to the proper specification, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin February 25, There's no shortage of advice on how to lose weight. You could take up triathlons, switch to a raw or paleo diet or begin counting calories and keeping track of every morsel that passes your lips.

Some of these might work for some people, some for others. But which one will work for you? And for how long? That's the pound question. The answer, of course, is whichever program helps you eat fewer calories than you burn. The hard part is finding a program that does that and that you can follow from now until forever. The best place to start is with your doctor, who may already be nagging you about your weight, your cholesterol reading, your blood pressure and your impending metabolic disease.

If not, you'll be on your own. Experts will tell you that the best way to proceed is to find a dietitian nutritionist who can build a diet specifically suited to you and who will help you stick to that diet.

What you want is a "registered dietitian nutritionist. The term "nutritionist" is not as rigorously defined. But if you're like most of us, you'll probably not go that far. Going the do-it-yourself route may work if you're willing and able to do a lot of research, put together a reasonable plaln and stick to it.

But just as most of us call a plumber rather than trying to fix the water heater ourselves, most consumers turn to commercial weight-loss plans. While there's no shortage of commercial plans, it can be confusing trying to wade through all of them. It's also worth checking out the ConsumerAffairs Weight Loss News Section, a compilation of news stories by our sleek and slender news staff. You might call Nutrisystem the Amazon of the weight-loss business -- it's huge and has lots of cardboard boxes.

It uses those cardboard boxes to send you the meals that fit the profile you've worked out with online and telephone consultants. You order the meals you want off a customized menu and they show up at your door on a regular basis.

Selections are also available at Walmart, Amazon and other retailers. The advantage of this is that it takes the guesswork out of sticking to your diet and, not coincidentally, relieves you of that burdensome question, "What's for dinner? There are those who will argue that the freshest local food is the healthiest and this may be true but it's also true that people who have jobs, children and other responsibilities don't always have time to go to the farmer's market each day and to then spend an hour peeling the carrots and potatoes.

There are also many people who simply don't like to cook and aren't very good at it. Nutrisystem is ideal for them. Open the box, pop the ingredients into the microwave and dinner is served.

Does it work? Many who have tried it say it does. A few years ago, reporter Joe Enoch volunteered to try it, and spent the next 28 days eating Nutrisystem meals.

In total, I lost 13 pounds. In a day period, that's fantastic and it has felt great having people ask me if I've lost weight," Enoch reported at the end of the 28 days. A large guy with a previously big appetite, Joe said he was hungry during the first few days but quickly adapted to eating the smaller, more frequent portions that Nutrisystem supplied. There was also an unexpected plus:. Occasionally I would feel drained, particularly the day after a really long run, but my counselor said I could add a few more calories to compensate," he said.

While Joe was somewhat cautious in his conclusions, consumers posting reviews on ConsumerAffairs were more enthusiastic. It is fantastic and I have lost 45 pounds and have a goal to lose 16 more. I am 52 and past menopause and YES this works for me like nothing else and believe me I have tried every diet out there!

Weight Watchers has been around for what seems like forever and has a large band of loyal followers. It once relied on support groups and face-to-face counseling to help dieters stay on course. Those options are still available but online and mobile app support has displaced a lot of facetime. No matter what means you use to access the program, it revolves around the "PointsPlus budget," a calorie-counting plan that is customized for you based on your weight, height, gender and age.

You can prepare your own food or eat out, use your own recipes or follow Weight Watchers' suggestions but to get results, you need to follow the daily budget. Unlike some weight-loss plans, Weight Watchers counts some calories differently from others. For example, both a cookie and an apple might contain 95 calories.

But Weight Watchers assigns two points to the cookie, none to the apple. That's based on the principle that all calories are not created equal -- and that fruit and vegetables are healthier than cakes and cookies. The good thing about Weight Watchers is that it's flexible -- you can eat pretty much whatever you want.

But not much of it. Most experts agree that it works, but you have to pay attention and follow the guidelines. The most common complaint about Weight Watchers isn't related to the weight-loss program but rather to the monthly fees. I will never again trust them with my bank account information. Luckily, I paid through Paypal and I plan to appeal it.

They make their cancellation process so confusing that when you think you have cancelled, you really haven't. Another grand old name of the weight-loss business, Jenny Craig combines elements of both Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers -- it sells you the food a la Nutrisystem and provides counseling, much like Weight Watchers.

Experts and consumers alike agree that it works but some complain about the cost and others find fault with at least some of the food. Jenny Craig relieves you of the task of planning meals and tracking your food intake. Its counselors work with you to draw up a weekly meal plan, so you know in advance what to eat for lunch Thursday. And every other day. Actually, you not only meet with the consultant to plan your week's menus, (#14) Cold Snap - Various - Rule 01 Compilation: < 120 bpms (File, you also pick up the food during the meeting.

The menus cover a broad range of tastes, everything from Mexican to continental cuisine. Like other effective plans, Jenny Craig lets you eat all day long -- up to six times a day if you want.

The portions -- no surprise -- are small but eating smaller meals frequently is a recognized way to minimize hunger and avoid taking on huge caloric loads at a single sitting. But Joyce said that, like many Jenny Craig clients, she also worked for the company as a counselor for awhile and "hated" that experience because of the pressure to sign new clients.

A recent study by researchers in Singapore supported Joyce's views. It found that Jenny Craig produced the greatest weight loss but was also the most expensive of the programs studied. Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company that, among other things, sells meals and shakes that can help you lose weight. It's popular among athletes, new moms and, in general, a younger and more active crowd than some of the other programs out there.

Herbalife basically offers more of an "off-the-shelf" program, minus the counselors and extensive menu planning, with meal replacement shakes, energy bars and nutritional supplements. You can order online or from a distributor. Like most multi-level ventures, Herbalife is always eager to sign up new distributors, so it's important to stay focused.

If you're looking to lose weight, concentrate on that. Getting into a new line of work can come later. If taken according to directions, the product really works! I cannot say the same for the business program that Herbalife offers. I was told that if I would sign up for the business program, I would be able to buy the product at a discount.

That was true, but before long, I was being pressured to invest MP3) sums of money and to create a down line of distributors," Maurice said in a ConsumerAffairs review. Medifast has had its ups and downs. Originally developed to be used under a doctor's supervision, it now offers a variety of meal replacement programs you can use at home. It cites scientific studies to support its claims but it has also run afoul of government agencies a few times.

Some consumers have also reported that they have experienced allergic reactions to the large amounts of soy in the Medifast products. However, I developed a serious allergy to soy and began menopause a bit sooner than was expected with some adverse symptoms," said Kim of Long Beach, Calif. Consumers prone to allergies may want to talk to their allergist before starting Medifast or, for that matter, any diet with a heavy soy content.

Lose 18 pounds in 12 weeks? Weight loss was achieved by replacing two meals a day with RightSize Smoothies while following a reduced-calorie diet. I really loved the stuff but had one huge complaint," said Deborah of Fountain Inn, S. In summary: they're high-protein shakes.

As part of a balanced, portion-controlled diet, they can probably help you lose weight but watch out for those shipping charges. There's not much doubt that any of these programs can help you lose weight during the time you're following them. But eventually, you'll need to extricate yourself, if for no other reason than that the programs are expensive and even the best of them get boring after awhile.

The big advantage of the more traditional plans, like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers is that, unlike the two-shakes-a-day plans, they can help you learn good eating habits and adjust your appetite to match the reduced calories demanded by a modern, mostly sedentary lifestyle.

Lean meat, fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits, nuts, bread and pasta will keep you going a long time. A diet program like those we've looked at can get you started. After you've learned how much better you look and feel minus those extra pounds, maybe you'll even be motivated to find that dietitian we talked about earlier. If you think of weight loss the way we think about fitness, the commercial diet plans are like a personal trainer.

You put in some intensive road work, pump some iron and so forth until you reach your personal best, then take it from there with a maintance plan your trainer helps you work out before you go your separate ways. As with most things in life, there's no one solution to the problem of weight gain. But there are lots of good partial solutions that, when combined, can get you where you want to go.

Doctors aren't completely sure what can lower your blood pressure but they know of a lot of thing that can raise it — being overweight, consuming too much sodium and not getting enough exercise. Scientists now say they have additional data suggesting two foods can help lower blood pressure — one that you might like eating, the other perhaps not so much.

Researchers at Florida State University say just one cup of blueberries each day could be important in reducing blood pressure and reducing arterial stiffness. Perhaps not quite as appetizing is beet juice. But British scientists say drinking a cup of it each day has been shown to significantly lower blood pressure among patients with high blood pressure. Johnson started her project because of her interest in functional foods — foods that have a positive impact on health beyond basic nutrition.

Patient safety and the delivery of high quality care are our top priorities. We have accepted all of the recommendations made by the Healthcare Commission, who we invited in to review our services. We are developing a culture and systems to ensure that we learn from everything that we do.

Consultant presence on the Labour Ward has increased, which has further improved communication between staff members. We are committed to raising the standards of our maternity services and improvements have already been taken forward. Perhaps it is time for vets to reduce fees for now, otherwise they will find owners opting to buy the medication from chemists and online.

If not flexible, vets could soon find themselves in the same cash- strapped state as their clients. As a resident of the nearby estate of Furzton, I tend to use this stretch of road on a daily basis. Name and address supplied Congestion improved? Have you driven through Junction 14 at peak at peak time since the traffic lights were completed? Roundabouts are great when everyone gets an even chance; but when there is a dominant traffic flow, everyone else suffers.

Come on MK Council - we must be able to do better than this? I have no problem with traffic lights breeding in Milton Keynes but I do have a problem with them at roundabouts - in fact I have a problem with the roundabouts full stop.

How much rubber is wasted doing this as opposed to just braking and then going straight? It may be only a metre or two for each car but then multiply that by many thousand an hour at peak time how much fuel is that wasting? As for all the greenery to absorb the C02 how dangerous is the total lack of visibility due to the hump and trees and bushes. That forces them to brake to allow my nearly 50ft vehicle to accelerate out of the way. As for the sponsorship angle.

Does the grass mow itself? Do the trees prune themselves? Traffic lights themselves are nowhere near as expensive to run as they are now leds not bulbs so consume very little power. The other day I went round a roundabout and got stopped at every set of lights yet there was no traffic coming from my left to join the roundabout. Low level roundabouts that can be seen across are really good with low or moderate flows of traffic but are self defeating with heavy traffic.

Full name and address must be supplied. Details will be withheld in only exceptional circumstances. Letters should be kept short and to the point and may be edited. E-mail: letters mk-news. Earlier this year I was in Egypt here they have countdown lights showing how many seconds to the lights changing - a brilliant idea and it works superbly well.

The black and white chevron deviation marker signs we have here are also illuminated with leds and flash red and white as traffic approaches - also brilliant and all powered by solar. Which may make us think that, but for the pressure, the wind farm industry would be free to double their claims without any kind of challenge. Why are we all so gullible? Not only has it been windless, but it has also been extremely cold. I am very grateful that we will still be using power generated by other means as we would have had a dark and bleak Christmas and New Year, if we had been relying solely on wind power.

While many listened to the bells in good spirit, other revellers spent the night in hospital after drinking heavily at pubs, bars and house parties across the city. Resources were already under pressure following the Christmas period, when the hospital appealed for people to seek help elsewhere if treatment was not needed urgently.

Of these, were classified as major injuries or illnesses. The hospital reviewed its plans and opened a new ward to help us deal with winter pressures and with the additional demands created by the colder months. The first signs of norovirus infection include a sudden onset of nausea, followed by projectile vomiting and diarrhoea, possibly accompanied by a mild fever, headaches, stomach cramps or aching limbs.

The town council said that the lights were not supposed to be on during the day and the problem was caused by a faulty switch on the timer. No drugs problem at prison - governor THE head of Woodhill Prison says his jail does not have a problem with drugs.

John Ferris, from Northampton, was sentenced for attempting to supply the class C drug at Northampton Crown Court last month. But Mr Serjeant believes the prison is winning in its battle against drugs. Last year the governor declared war on the illegal substances after one of his prison officers admitted attempting to supply drugs to inmates.

In November this stood at 4. Our windows and doors are of the highest quality and come with a British Standard Kitemark plus we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

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Please call in; you'll be spoilt for choice and great value. In over room settings and in every department, you'll find some of the most famous brand names in fine home furnishings, including Stressless, Ercol, G-Plan, Nathan and many more On Friday, around plants were taken from the house, along with equipment used to cultivate them.

PC John Ellis, who led the raid, said that this could be one of many such farms. Between July and August it says there were 55 offences regarding cultivation of cannabis, the majority of which were linked to Vietnamese organised groups operating in the UK.

The forty-one-year-old, from High Street, Whaddon, is charged with an alleged GBH which left year-old Seven Bailey with serious head injuries outside the pub on Saturday, August 4, Mr Becks has pleaded not guilty to the offence. On Monday the court heard four pub regulars who were in the bar that evening claim they overheard Mr Becks say he had punched a customer on the nose. When the group left the bar around 10 minutes later they saw a man on a driveway to the side of the pub close to the road, the court heard.

Mrs Chandler went to give first aid and found he was bleeding from his ears and head and was falling in and out of concious- ness. The case continues. Coronary heart disease accounts for more than 15 per cent, and strokes for five per cent, of total deaths in and around Milton Keynes. So Alison Smith, advanced nurse practitioner for cardiac rehabilitation at Milton Keynes Hospital, is urging people to look after their heart, with simple steps such as switching to low fat foods, eating less salt but more fish and taking time to relax.

More people stop smoking in the New Year than at any other time. People also need to start thinking about their health at a younger age. Work has begun on the designs and a business case for the western section of the line, between Oxford and Milton Keynes and Aylesbury to Milton Keynes.

A further review of existing train services between Bletchley and Bedford is also anticipated in order to improve connections to Bedford. The statistics, released by Thames Valley Police on Monday, show that road deaths in were down to 95, 19 per cent lower than in and 34 per cent lower than in The figures also showed that over 30 per cent of those who died were under the age of 25, 18 per cent of the deaths were motorcyclists and 14 per cent were over the age of Heart, the new identity for Horizon Radio, went on air for the first time at 6am on Monday.

Severe delays began at midday on Friday after a light aircraft crashed into power lines on the West Coast Main Line, near Stafford, Staffordshire, killing three people. The misery increased on Sunday when passengers were left stranded at Milton Keynes Central after a power line was damaged at Watford function at about 3.

All services between London Euston and Milton Keynes were cancelled and train operators put on buses to enable passengers to complete their journeys. Engineers were repairing the faults but lines remained closed during the morning peak hours. Happy Monday! In this popular resort everything is within easy reach with the seafront promenade virtually leading straight on to the foot of the beautiful Eastbourne Downs and Beachy Head.

The hotel has an excellent seafront location with a sun lounge from which to enjoy the sweeping views over the English Channel. Rooms are en- suite and have TV and tea and coffee making facilities. There is a ballroom and entertainment most nights. Call Anne on anne. Dreams Price Promise - see instore for details. Headboards are extra. After Sale prices apply after 2nd March Credit subject to status. After many operations he was hit by a severe lung infection. Only a bone marrow match donor will save his life, but the chances of finding a match are very slim.

Even if a donor is found, he may be too ill to have the transplant. I have to face reality. Everything is on hold. If you think you could become a donor, contact the Anthony Nolan Trust on Meanwhile, mortgage and secured loans issues were up 59 per cent, fuel debts by 24 per cent and bankruptcy by 67 per cent.

And enquiries about divorce and separation shot up by 60 per cent. This is more dramatic. However MK CAB is braced to deal with the demand and has been in meetings with the council and health authorities to talk about how to help residents. Don't miss out, pick up a great bargain in Adams Childrenswear, which went into administration last week, announced on Monday that its Bletchley branch would be among the branches to close.

Its head office says that eight staff are affected. Although thecentre:mk and Newport Pagnell stores were due to close on January 2 and 5, they were each kept open an extra day to sell off the remainder of their stock.

The partnership workwith both Milton Keynes College and the voluntary sector was also praised. Key areas for improvement are the low success rates at level 2 on accredited courses and the proportion of good or better teaching. Is there water between the panes? If yes then your double glazed units have broken down. We can replace these for you on a supply only or a supply and fit basis.

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There are 1, plots of land available and each person buying a section will receive a certificate of appreciation. Like when players buy a brick when building a club house. Now people can have a pint and watch the game. The club have until August, to reach their target amount. DO you have something to say about GP services? Results fwill influence changes made to the way health services are run.

We would urge everyone who receives the formto fill it in, as their views will be used to help shape and improve services for the future. The car was sold at auction. The victim was walking for a taxi with a male friend after a night out, when the attack took place. When he spoke to the woman she said that she was not interested and told him he was too young for her. Police believe that the attacker fled towards the Xscape building, possibly to the taxi pod. The man was taken to Milton Keynes Hospital for stitches to his forehead and the woman suffered a black eye.

The incident took place at about 3am on Saturday, December 27, and on Friday police launched an appeal for information. The offender is white, in his early twenties, over 6ft, lean, (#14) Cold Snap - Various - Rule 01 Compilation: < 120 bpms (File, athletic build and had wavy blond hair, swept back. He was well spoken and wearing a pastel pink coloured polo or rugby style top.

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The first correct answer drawn out of the hat wins. NEWS www. Does not include internet or catalogue prices. With numerous indoor and outdoor activities you are sure to find something the whole family will enjoy. Whilst outside why not dig for dinosaur eggs, pan for gold, explore the woodland discovery trail or learn to drive in the driving school? And if mums and dads don't feel as energetic as the kids, they can relax at the Costa Coffee cafe. To win one of five family tickets for two adults and three children answer the following question: At Activity Land, what can children learn to climb?

Please include your name, address and daytime telephone numbers. First correct entries drawn win. Has your sweet relationship Call Woodfines for a personal and effective service.

Central MK or Bletchley www. Tel: A. Have a knock out day!!! One word per box. Post Code. Daytime Telephone No:. Expiry Date. Do not send cash in the post. Here, he reports on his trip to South America as he followed a team of young film makers recording a skiing documentary IT was with a mix of suspicion and excitement that I embarked upon a once in a lifetime trip to Argentina. A country with the reputation as one of the hottest countries on earth, it does little to hint at the plethora of ski resorts lurking deep in the Andes.

After a 30 hour journey passing through four different countries, one of the best kept secrets of the continent was unveiled. Our destination was Caviahue, in Patagonia, which borders Argentina and Chile. As the winner of the journalist category, I wrote the blog. The week would take us on a journey through avalanches, crevasses and extreme weather conditions with temperatures of 20 degrees below zero.

However, as Eva started her descent down the mountain, our wonder was quickly replaced by shock as an area of snow metres wide collapsed around her and sped down towards us in a white eruption that even made the local volcanoes seem tame in comparison. However, after first dreading the worst, we discovered that no one was harmed.

We could never relax for long though and indeed on our last day filming was able to recommence- if not in the wholehearted fashion that we had hoped for. Worship with us 1st Service - OOam Web: www.

Odds stacked against you? The budget affects every resident of Milton Keynes as it sets the level of Council Tax and decides the level of services that you receive from the Council. A lot has changed in the past year and we now face a very different economic situation to when we agreed the three year totals. We recognise that many families will be experiencing greater financial hardship and so are proposing a Council Tax increase of 3. This is below the 5.

The Council was recently given reward money from the government for helping to deliver growth in local businesses. We have used this money to fund schemes to help the unemployed back into work, skills development and support targeted at small firms and those in vulnerable jobs.

The Council's Cabinet has worked hard to identify efficiency savings in order to make the books balance without cutting services. This year, because of the success of our efforts there are no service cuts in our budget proposals and we will again exceed Government efficiency targets.

Following consultation with the community we are also proposing a new set of five priorities that reflect issues of public concern and service improvement challenges.

These new priorities cover public transport, children's education, and adults'skills, road and pavement repairs and activities for young people. We are also consulting about a specific proposal to raise Council Tax by a further 0. This was suggested by the Citizens Advisory Group on Transport as a means of helping those who do not have cars to get about the Borough and to reduce congestion for car drivers.

Please give this idea some thought. As usual we are consulting local residents and partner organisations about our proposals and hope that you will take the time to read the information and to let us know what you think.

Your views will be listened to and in the last few years we have changed some of our budget proposals to reflect your comments. Details of how to respond, together with a response form are set out below. We would very much like to hear your views about the budget proposals and in the meantime will continue to work hard to maximise efficiencies and improve services on your behalf. Yours sincerely Isobel McCall Leader of the Council How you can make your views known To take part in the consultation, simply fill in the attached form and return it to us no later then 6th FEBRUARY If you wish to know more before responding, a consultation leaflet is available that explains the proposals and gives details about meetings in January that will be discussing the proposals.

This leaflet may be obtained by: Go to our website: www. The timeline below tells you when we have to make key decisions. Both meetings are open to the public. How do you view this idea: Support Don't know Oppose PART 2:The Cabinet's Proposed Improvement Priorities Please read the proposed priority areas for improvement, and indicate which ones you support or do not support by ticking the appropriate box.

How do you view this idea: Support EH Don't know Oppose About you To ensure we are meeting the needs of all residents it is important that we ask you a few questions about yourself. The information will be used to analyse responses amongst broad groups, for example residents over The information you provide will be treated anonymously. Blige and Whitney Houston, for a while. For VIP tickets call: The students are now using the skills they developed to lead projects for other young people in their schools.

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Milton Keynes Cairngorm Gate, Winterhill. Sat 9am to 6pm. Sun I I am to 5pm. However, nurses are a key group of staff as they provide 80 per cent of NHS services to patients. Sheila is a registered general nurse with varied experience: she has worked as a midwife, has a PhD in Nursing and has managed acute clinical services at Milton Keynes Hospital.

I am keen to meet with staff and find opportunities to involve them in this work over the next few months. Every dentist, optician and pharmacy, including those open for longer hours, are also listed. Table extends from to cm - seats 12 comfortably. Matching sideboard available. Premium quality furniture at trade prices direct to you. That's right, we sell the same furniture as these stores do, but at a fraction of the cost!! Anouar Kassim, chairman of the MK Islamic Arts Heritage and Culture Organisation which organised it, said there is a real need for such work to be done in schools.

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Live on SKY all day everyday www. Her commitment is immediately put to the test, however, when new pupil Earl Kelly gives Waterloo Road the most shocking first day it has ever had. Documentary series following the work of benefit fraud investigators. Starring Richard Dreyfuss. Ross and Reid travel to the island to investigate, but find the inhabitants to be wary of outsiders and seemingly reluctant to assist. Riq fights for survival. Patrick finds himself trapped in a room with an idiot.

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He soon finds his life in danger as he races to piece together the clues that might lead to the killer. But she has a big surprise in store when she discovers who the real owner is.

They have to design an exceptional meal that will impress the judges, but before that, they must prove their food knowledge. The Dingles decide that Marlon deserves his home back. Rodney makes his peace with Jimmy. Anna claims that she left the house for an hour and when they returned, Charlotte was dead.

Thriller starring Lee Evans. Patrick and Pippa make a desperate bid for freedom. Riq and Alex face unimaginable peril. In this instalment, a Harrier jump jet is scrambled to fight the Taliban; a new squadron of recruits arrives from the UK; and one young female officer finds ways to make the most of life in a war zone. ITV2 6. British singers singing with American accents, then, sorry, what?

Do keep up. I mean, honestly, look at Bruce Springsteen. Yeah, good timing. But the former American leader proves a more formidable foe than he counted on.

Will they break away or apart? The pair face a choice: jail, or community service mentoring two kids Mintz-Plasse and Thompson. Spotting a clergyman Neill there, Fisk becomes curious about his views and invites him to dinner, during which Dean Spanley hints of a previous life. Should be easy - until Frank falls for the girl. Haunted by the death of her mother, 14 year-old Lily Fanning seeks solace with her housekeeper Rosaleen Hudson.

When the pair go on the run after Rosaleen is racially attacked, they find refuge with the bee-keeping Boatwright sisters. We have two pairs to give away. What is the name of the TV show which made david Frost famous?

Answers by e-mail to: competitions mk-news. Closing date Tuesday, January Leisure or events news? Comedy starring Danny DeVito. Just how does the cuckoo trick other birds into accepting its eggs and raising its young?

Stars Michael Keaton. CD T Followed by five news update 8. Elsewhere, Jenny Shepard comes face to face with her archenemy, La Grenouille. However, it is not long before his expertise is called upon in a double murder case. Briscoe and Green investigate the murder of a successful stockbroker, who was conducting affairs with a mother and her daughter.

After being interviewed, it seems that both women have a motive for the murder. A Register at www. Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Full Address. Post Code Tel No. Age minimum 13 Mobile No. Over 18s Sunday-Thursday, over 19s Fridays and over 20s Saturdays. Dress code is smart casual. Party music from the 80s, 90s and the noughties.

Open on Friday and Saturdays only. Over 21s only. The Living Room features an upmarket restaurant and an outdoor terrace overlooking the central piazza. Food is served from midday until late. Monday Madness: Indie to beat driven house. Tuesday: Two-for-one on 56 cocktails. Wednesday: What the funk? Thursday: Vanity - Indie, rock and hip hop upstairs. Friday: Beatcheck - New soundclash, new DJs, and new tunes. Saturday: I Love Vodka - funky commercial house. Sunday: Acoustic sessions. Dress code is casual cool.

DJs play into the early hours at weekends. Free entry. Drinks and food are reasonably priced. Dress code is smart. Great selection of wines, beers and 35 cocktails to choose from. Mix of hip hop and break beat feature on Saturdays with live DJs.

Over 18s only. Casual dress. Outdoor seating. Open mic night every Thursday on a newly built stage. To play just turn up with your instrument. What a show, and what a night! Hear the music of the swing era brought back to life with the youthful verve that made it the smash hit of its day, featuring the music of Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many more.

Tony McPhee is the writing talent behind them, and his astounding guitar skills have been pushing at the boundaries of British music for 40 years. He returns to the road with a brand new show where he describes his attempts to reclaim his sanity. With interest shown from both Sony and Roadrunner labels looks to be a very big year for this five piece rock teenage metal band.

Four years ago The Arusha Accord created a six headed monster began work on a music project, despite having no solid blueprint. So start the year with a big loud bang its a very good oppertunity to dance off the Christmas turkey and credit crunch holiday boredom.

Doors 7. Do you believe in fairies? Fly away with MK Theatre this Christmas on a spectacular journey of wonder and excitement into the magical world of Neverland. For tickets details call Leisure or events news?

Arsenal play host to Bolton Wanderers, a team who have been something of a bete noire for Arsene Wenger in seasons gone by. Mainwaring lets Frazer take over in a bid to end his grumbling. Neil Oliver charts the 13th century story of the two ruthless men who helped transform the Gaelic kingdom of Alba into the Scotland we recognise today. FVD 9. Dara has a breakthrough hitching a lift on a tug and finally learns to respect the power of the sea. Drama, starring Alan Rickman and Emily Hampshire.

This first of 13 new episodes starts on a high with the discovery of a complex of four Roman temples in Hertfordshire, one of which is so rare it is only the second of its type ever found.

Nominated in the Who's, Who's Guide to Industry. At Hot Heads you know you are in safe hands. No need to book, just drop by and meet the team. Visit www. Proudly in partnership with Brunches - the delicious healthy sandwich option, made just how you like it!

T: 22 55 23 or freephone: E: info airportsdirectmk. FREE door to door transport on all the above Cruises! Alone on the island, he has all the time in the world on his hands, and no survival kit. It finished when Chelsea and Manchester United last met at Stamford Bridge in September, as indeed it did in May in the Champions League final, which United then won in dramatic fashion after a penalty shootout.

When he learns that the unscrupulous president of Aegis Oil intends to commence drilling on native Inuit land in Alaska, the coolly efficient trouble-shooter joins forces with local people to block the plans. Stars Steven Seagal. James Corden provides an opening monologue before inviting Alan and Justin to delve into his unique world of celebrity. Music is provided by guest house band Razorlight. An MIB agent turns to the only man who can help him save the world from a rampaging, shape- shifting alien which has taken on the outward appearance of a sexy lingerie model.

Action, starring Will Smith. Fantasy starring Keanu Reeves. The money is supplied by hedge fund manager Lex van Dam: he wants to see if they can beat the professionals. In an advertising special, there are reports from a mysterious insider dishing the dirt on all that is bad in the industry, plus a potted history of advertising.

Leanne accepts a movie date with Peter. Can Peter stay sober on his date with Leanne? Gary Windass attempts to make friends with Tina. Thriller, starring Bruce Willis. Robert Llewellyn presents a series examining the feats of science and engineering behind everyday life. Reps In Ibiza 3. The Well community Centre, Willen. Fortnightly meetings aimed at developing public speaking and leadership skills. The choir of the City Church directed by Adrian Boynton offer a beautiful sequence of words and music for Epiphany.

Email: boyntonmu- sic tiscali. Buckingham Best Western Hotel Networking and business referral group. Speaker tbc. Meetings on the second and last Tuesday of each month. Ideally you need enough space to allow you to grow what you want but small enough for you to be able to manage. If you have a new plot then its not too late to prepare the ground.

Make sure all weeds have been cleared then dig over bare areas, forking in plenty of compost or rotted manure. If conditions are very wet, cover the area with polythene sheet to keep the rain off, and dig once the soil has dried out.

It is also a good idea to pick crops that are either expensive to buy in the shops, best eaten really fresh or quick to grow. Some of our favourites are sugar snap peas, mixed salad leaves, beetroot, French beans, carrots, early crop potatoes and strawberries. If you have any questions get in touch at info. These new works will utilise what appear to be offcuts of highly refelective, sequined fabric. Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy is totally self financing and receives no funding, and sponsors are being sought to contribute towards the success of this high profile production.

For more details of the show, visit www. John Keating blows into the stuffy halls of the academy like a breath of fresh air, startling colleagues and delighting boys with his disdain for traditional teaching methods and text books.

Drama, starring Robin Williams. T Followed by Weather Val attempts to pick up the pieces with Paul. Jasmine considers leaving Emmerdale. Businesswoman Ruth Watson is on hand to advise the owners on the future of the estate, which has been left to them along with much emotion and family heartache attached. The team rallies together when Warrick is shot in an alleyway. Suspicion immediately falls on the police officer who tried to frame the CSI for murder, before evidence emerges that another corrupt cop could be at large.

The CSIs investigate the death of a washed-up boxer who is found floating in a swimming pool at a brothel. Call our distribution team on or email distribution mk-news. Tomato Bolognese. Pepperom spicy Beel. No collection dicount or special offer applies to set meals. Beat the clock! The Minerva Programme kicks off with a two day workshop called The Essentials, the first two of The start of a new year is a time when we evaluate our lives and our goals and this course will help anyone who is at a crossroads - Michael Anglin, founder director of Minerva International which are running on January 22 and 23, February 28 and March 1 at The Stables in Milton Keynes.

People will even be able to buy some beers for less than a pound a pint. All funds raised are matched by the Towergate Charitable Foundation.

Towergate is passionate about putting something back into the communities we operate in. Our motto is to make money, have fun and do good. Phone Run for Milton Keynes - based charity, SIA, and help them rebuild full, active and ty independent lives. We know what it takes to sell in this market and using Taylors unrivalled experience has helped numerous vendors make their next move. If you are thinking of selling call for a free valuation and honest advice.

Together we can make your move happen. Situated in a popular area on the edge of west Milton Keynes. The development is away from main roads and backs onto the north bucks bridal way with countryside beyond. Internal picture of similar kitchen. Striking two bedroom apartments with en-suites and generous lounge sizes. Finished with lovely expanses of glass and allocated parking to the rear.

Over looking a bustling central square. Situated in south Milton Keynes with lake and parklands. Lovely to see a 2 storey family home with separate receptions, garage and driveway. Situated in a popular West Milton Keynes area with sought after school catchments.

Three of the bedrooms are doubles and the master has an en-suite. Ready now, key in office. Now is the time to buy!! This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached home with study is situated on one of the areas most sought after addresses. The development is centred by two large lakes and is ideally located with Junction 13 of the MI or Milton Keynes nearby. Local amenities are within walking distance, and the school catchments are popular for all ages. This sought after village boasts full high street amenities, popular schooling and train service to Bedford or Bletchley main line stations.

Upstairs all the bedrooms have wardrobes and the bathroom has a separate shower cubicle in addition to the en-suite. Situated on the east of Milton Keynes with popular school catchment and quick access onto the MI. This means the home offers 2 or 3 receptions. Situated in this popular West Milton Keynes area with sought after school catchments. Please note: This property is available on a low cost housing scheme for key workers or first time buyers.

Main photo of house type on left.

compartmentrusticbox 🙌Paoson Woodworking. Pack flat the slats of wood to build the chevron or herringbone style seat of the bench and then finish it up with . japanese sawhorses plans DIY trailer plans to build your own trailer. Our trailer plans are the best plans available and the easiest to follow with large prints and detailed step-by-step. Find News from January on ConsumerAffairs. Our list of News includes automotive, appliance, food, technology, clothing, and more. Kodi Archive and Support File Vintage Software Community Software APK MS-DOS CD-ROM Software CD-ROM Software Library. Console Living Room. Software Sites Tucows Software Library Software Capsules Compilation Shareware CD-ROMs CD-ROM Images ZX Spectrum DOOM Level CD. Featured. The 4 columns of the Peace Tower stand an impressive metre ( feet) tall, and straddle the Canadian-U.S. border, at a cost of about million U.S. It was in when the concrete was noted to be deteriorating significantly and plans began to try to repair the sculpture. Download Analog Trip songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Analog Trip. Download Analog Trip songs, singles and albums on MP3. "Cold-Snap" - () BPM BUY. JoC H - "The 01) BPM. FLIP 06 Jan 16 Deep House. Buy. from $ Various. Society Recordings: Collection. Posted by dpwakefield at PM. January 14, QOTD. As to drugs facilitating creativity, I think I’ve seen a lot of paintings, most often stacked along the walls of thrift shops, that argue against this. (Amphetamines, however, can definitely facilitate macramé.) William Gibson. Posted by dpwakefield at PM. January 12, Geek Lust. Dec 19,  · – Hot Trackslist Music Techno, Minimal, Fidget House, Deep House, Trap, DubStep Dutch House, Moombahton, DrumStep, Mp3 DJ Chart , Grime, Electro House, House, Tech House, DJ ANNA X-MAS CHART , Flashmob X-MAS Chart , Steve Bug X-MAS CHART , VA – The Best Of Moda Black Feb 27,  · Biography. by Mike DaRonco. The experimental three-piece of Pinebender originated in the Chicago suburbs in late With their minimal instrumentation that consists of Matt Clark (low guitars), Chris Hansen (guitar/vocals), and Stephen Howard (drums), a slow-paced but melodic tone of experimental indie resulted as the three-piece played around . Download Jm Estrada songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Jm Estrada.


My Time - Various - The Greatest Reggae Album Of All Time (CD), Sashash Ulz - Ornamentika (File, Album, MP3), Riky Maltese - Rainy Day (Vinyl), Since You Went Away - The Stranglers - Dreamtime / 10 (CD), Touched By Comfort - Pile (2) - Youre Better Than This (Vinyl, LP, Album), Lifting The Blues - Kyla Brox - Throw Away Your Blues (CD, Album), Waiting - Chris Isaak - Chris Isaak / San Francisco Days (CD), Dark Flip - Bazer - 34 (File, MP3, Album)

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  1. Download Analog Trip songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Analog Trip. Download Analog Trip songs, singles and albums on MP3. "Cold-Snap" - () BPM BUY. JoC H - "The 01) BPM. FLIP 06 Jan 16 Deep House. Buy. from $ Various. Society Recordings: Collection.
  2. Download Jm Estrada songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Jm Estrada.
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    Download A2h songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. A2h.
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    Review: The latest Gynoid release features a varied set of remixes from Advanced Human. From the deep chords and whiplash percussion of his take on Antonio De Angelis' "Inversion" to the rock hard beats and eerie bleeps of his take on Rraph's "R10" and the abrasive, robust take on Pjotr G's "Remote Execute", this collection showcases the Australian producer's harder side.
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    Dec 19,  · – Hot Trackslist Music Techno, Minimal, Fidget House, Deep House, Trap, DubStep Dutch House, Moombahton, DrumStep, Mp3 DJ Chart , Grime, Electro House, House, Tech House, DJ ANNA X-MAS CHART , Flashmob X-MAS Chart , Steve Bug X-MAS CHART , VA – The Best Of Moda Black
  6. Posted by dpwakefield at PM. January 14, QOTD. As to drugs facilitating creativity, I think I’ve seen a lot of paintings, most often stacked along the walls of thrift shops, that argue against this. (Amphetamines, however, can definitely facilitate macramé.) William Gibson. Posted by dpwakefield at PM. January 12, Geek Lust.
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    The 4 columns of the Peace Tower stand an impressive metre ( feet) tall, and straddle the Canadian-U.S. border, at a cost of about million U.S. It was in when the concrete was noted to be deteriorating significantly and plans began to try to repair the sculpture.
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    We broadcast a program loop, repeating every 10 to 15 minutes pre‑recorded voice reports, or MP3 audio files, and they come from a number of different sources. The files are sent through the internet to a server at the site of a transmitter and played according to a log that is updated regularly. Many of the files get there automatically.

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